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Thank you for visiting my blog.  I pray that any suffering you encounter reading through what I describe as a pouring out of my thoughts for my grand children that you may be blessed.  I wish I could talk with my parents and grand folks who lived through tough times of trouble and fear.  They were kids during the Spanish Flu Pandemic, The great depression, World War II, real rationing and the great strides of the industrial revolution.

Warning this pouring out is a Grappling Match

Warning — a “grappling Match is a wrestling match between two people of equal strength and size.  It is an intense mighty struggle and indeed very intimate at times.  This is the description I use to describe my inner dialogue with the Holy Spirit.  I am searching for the purpose of my being and the truth.  More often than not the Holy Spirit takes me out to the wood shed (that ancient structure where wood was kept dry so it would burn better and the same wood often served as an excellent paddle).!

I can not escape my human nature nor the experiences of my life.  Human nature limits my ability to communicate the fullness of spiritual truth!  Yet I persist because I keep trying to answer that call.  Not because I was or am qualified or perfect but because I am imperfect yet willing to say yes.  Taking risks seems to ensure an encounter with the cross which surely follows.

As a reminder, I am following the foot steps of Stephen one of the first Deacon and first martyr.  When I reflect upon the many issues arising constantly in life it can be overwhelming.  All the while I seek to discern the truth hidden in life’s journey.  Stephen provides a stark reminder of the cost of testifying to the truth.  The people were so happy with Stephen they stoned him to death.  Their actions spoke clearly – “No more sermons from the Deacon”.  Am I willing to take that kind of risk?  I must confess I encounter daily the reality of the noise, messy human social and cultural realities that are being swiftly created by modern man.  Our modern day world is more often centered on image and agenda than on objective truth.

Back to “In the Beginning”

From the beginning continues to resonate in my mind!  Original sin occurred in the perfect garden.  Free will, the tree, and the desire to recreate oneself as if creature was creator were birthed.  The battle continues in the present day and manifests itself in multiple ways as man seeks to justify and deny sin exists!  The battle between the flesh and the Spirit is alive and well!

Destination Discovery of God’s Purpose:

I pray my grand children may benefit as they develop their own independent ability to use God’s gift of critical thinking.  Life is a journey to discover who they were created to be.  Only in the course of time can they achieve the ultimate end and find in themselves gifts that were buried in the beginning.  Hidden treasures that can only be found after passing through the valley of tears while unaware holding hands with hope.  In God’s time they become the person God created them to be in the beginning.

Be Prepared:

Be prepared as you read the real risk of encountering the very real stealth war the world serves up.  The voice of evil seeks to constantly to distract, confuse and redefine God’s design and the truth.  This is a really real war that has been raging from antiquity.  Do not forget it began in a perfect garden and is now after the garden located in your soul.

Human Stumbling Blocks:

Also be prepared for the reality of the stumbling blocks hidden in my imperfect humanity — I have never have taken a typing class and I mange to type with 2 – 4 fingers somewhat fast.  As I type I read what I am thinking (not always what I write) – so it is no surprise the result is my spelling, punctuation and clearness of thought can suffer and perhaps confuse.  God will surely Bless you for hanging in there with me!  I pray you will be blessed and lead by the spirit of truth.  I hope one day the God created you will lead you to find in yourself that God did not make a mistake.  You are created in His image and called to serve as He served.

I am married and an ordained Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.  I have two sons and five grand children.  This blog is dedicated to my grand children and is a reflection on the continuous spiritual dialogue I encounter as I journey home!

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