Squall and Jesus Asleep in the Boat:

Usual for me!! Went to prison today! Group growing slowly! New Hispanic inmate today brought to my Catholic service by a brother Muslim friend! Abraham had two sons!
Two weeks before another brother inmate attended! Discovered he was adopted! Drugs and the addiction the normal partner married to drugs blinded the ability to see destination prison!
Being stretched because one inmate does not speak English! Having to develop habit to stop talking and ask my Hispanic brothers to provide him with an update on what was discussed!
Jesus in a boat! Squall comes up – rough seas and Jesus is asleep! Disciples in disbelief – wake up Jesus!
Holy Smokes!! Words I use when it dawns on me a life experience!
I was in 3rd or 4th grade! Home town just installed Sirens in town to warn citizens that rockets had been launched and are on the way to the USA! My dad’s factory participated in a civil defense drill! Objective: Turn on the sirens, evacuate the factory and the town to the country side to test the evacuation system.
For a young kid this was serious stuff!
Every Thursday at 11 AM the towns sirens were tested! Oh boy this certainly drove the point home for this kid!!!
Later that summer during the night a squall storm was passing over our town. Lightning and thunder exploded everywhere! The rain drops came pouring! I was doing pretty good in bed until the Sirens began blasting in the night!  I squirmed in bed thinking about the reason for the sirens in the first place! I began wondering when my dad would come and get me, my brother and mother and take to the country hills safe from the coming rockets! I was sweating!
Dad when you coming?  Dad — Dad when you coming??  Anxieity running wild!
Finally I got out of bed – went to mom and dad’s bedroom to wake my dad! Oh boy was I afraid! I knew when someone woke my dad he might come up swinging! Yikes! Yet my fear and anxiety caused me to shake him anyway! When my dad woke up- I quickly told him about the sirens blasting!!!
I will never forget my dad’s reaction – to be continued!

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