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Great Great Risk – in the order of the 1st Deacon – Stephen was stoned to death for his Homily.

Nonverbal Communication – It Works

The Gospel for Sunday – Catholic – April 3, 2022.  John 8:1-11.

The Scribes and Pharisees brought Jesus a woman caught in adultery!  Hey – where’s the guy?  Oh heck darn – I have to remember it is the spirit hidden in the story that is the point.  So what was it about the woman??? Well, women back in the day had no status or power!

It was a man’s world – right?? Oh, and today no change???  Ha ha we have a man winning the woman’s swim race in 2022! Testimony Truth turned Upside down? Modern man has set women back how many years??? Where did the feminist go? Is it safe to say the NCAA leaders are just like the folks we are speaking of in this old old old Gospel? Pretty much cowards I would say!

Just when are we going to see some real men and womanly courage arise? Oh yeah, the terms male and female not allowed to be spoken!  Just who is it that will have the courage to stand up and speak up? Democrats?  Joe the Devout Catholic? Nancy the say what Catholic? Oh my – who are they today? AND just where’s the Catholic Bishops hiding??

Bad boy – I am not supposed to be asking those questions!

The unspoken spiritual point:

Women in Jesus’s day had no status – indeed, they were the lowest of the low – well except for children! The people of His day confronted Jesus and thought they could trick Him into saying words that would get Him in real trouble! They thought they set him up wonderfully! Yep – just can’t fail!

So, what did He do when they challenged Him to reply to their setup question? What did they do? Maybe better said: what did Jesus do to help defeat themselves?  Well, he defeated them without speaking a word. Yikes – silence is a deadly weapon! Instead, He bent down – lower than the lowly woman they brought before Him to be publicly be humbled! He bent down lower than she and said not a word!

He taught them by what He did!

And He made them wait! They had to begin to question themselves. What the heck is He doing? It had to infuriate their pious attitudes and challenge the spirit that lives within! Oh my – now what is He doing? Looks like writing in the sand.

The Sand:

Where is that? Oh – on the earth – yep, the earth! Darn – What? What was He thinking? In the Beginning – man was made from the what???? Do we know the answer? Does from dust to dust have any meaning in the modern world? He was silently yet powerfully speaking!

After a very very long and frustrating pause – He finally spoke up!  You who are without sin – YES, that awful word “SIN” – can cast the first stone! Oh my Oh my Oh my! Yes it was the eldest who left first!!! Wisdom seems to be married to age! I can identify – yes I can!  The elderly knew instinctively without a great deal of thought they were guilty of the modern day awful word “SIN”!

Then – yes even then the younger folks had to begin to ask themselves – what the heck? Why are they leaving? Yep, it took a little time – yes it did – silence speaks and penetrates pride! It is a spiritual thing, you know – it’s a spiritual message. Can you see it? Any chance your spirit works?

Finally, even the hardest of heart – you know, those with the stiffest necks – yes even they had to begin to depart from the presence of Truth!

Disney are your ears open and do they work – are you listening?

Talk about hard hearts and stiff necks – Oh my! People who use imagination to destroy Truth – consequently, there is this very special place reserved and set aside for them!

Only then did Jesus stand up – “Has no one condemned you.” He asked the lady with no power.  “No one sir,” she responds! “Neither do I condemn you,” says the Lord! – Wow!

Now the punch line the modern world seeks to erase!!!!! READY?

Oh so very many miss the whole spiritual point! Yes, folks it is obvious the modern world misses it! “Go and sin no more.”  Oh my – what the hey! What are some people at Disney going to do?

If I don’t go to Disney again – could it send a non verbal message? Yep, it could be powerful.  Disney does not create or own children or the family! Keep on sinning and we are promised a proper reward! Hell and the Devil anxiously await our answer!

Memorial Judy 2022

Indiana Shooting Hoops

When I was a teenager I used to shoot baskets on the play ground across the street from St Joseph grade school ion Mishawaka. Indiana the Hoosier Hysteria State, it was in my soul. I was a really good shooter. Won many games of 21 and “HORSE”. One day an older kid showed up on the playground to shoot baskets. I discovered he was pretty darn good at shooting hoops. As we played games I became frustrated because he could shoot as well as I did but just a bit better. Gosh darn it he would win. He lived in the house on the alley next to the play ground. I new John because we both had paper routes and paper routes teach work ethics. Later in life I would find this fellow John would find his way back into my life.

The Home Town Alley:

On this same alley lived another kid. His name was Orville McIntyre. His father was killed in World War II. We used to play a lot of hoops games during the summer months. Later during the school year he told me was working as a skate boy at the Bock Roller rink and wanted me to come with him. One day while we were shooting hoops, Judy Hartman walked down the alley to her home on another corner of the alley. Following her was another younger girl. Orville told me she was a daughter of the Bock’s Roller rink. Oh my what lies ahead?

Bock’s Roller Rink / Music Dance:

Somehow I managed to find my way to Bock’s Roller Rink. This is where I first encountered Judy Bock. She was an excellent skater, in fact far far better than that. She skated with a graceful flow and powerful. In those days the rink had an organist in the evenings. During each evening they had special couple dance skates. I still remember the Waltz and the Fox Trot. Every once in a while Fred Back would skate with his daughters. It was just beautiful. I can still see them. Yea Fred had another daughter. Her name was Lynn. We managed to become boy friend and girl friend. Everyone in the rink knew when we had a spiff. Lynn would sit in a corner of the rink and not skate. Oh boy am I in trouble now.

Life’s Rocky Road Fast Forward:

Fast forward, Judy gets married and before long she has her first child – Kim. Somebody put rocks in the road? I don’t know what happened but just it happened and divorce followed.
After high school and a couple years in college I joined the air force. After being assigned my first station I returned home and in January of 1966 we were married. Funny how things occur.

Military Service – Air Force and He’s Back:

While I was busy playing Air Force duties this guy John (from shooting basketballs) somehow came onto the seen without my knowledge. The next thing I know Judy and John are getting hitched in May 1966. Later another baby shows up – she is named Kelly.

A True Art Form handed Down:

I can still remember the the grace of flow of Judy’s skating – I observed a kind of sparkle that radiated from her as I observed Judy skate. Oh Yes, I saw it in Judy’s kids. But so much more than that. I see it today in Kim and Kelly’s kids – the grand kids and great grand kids. It is the sparkle of new life sparkle that is enhanced by surviving a struggle and a trip through the valleys of tears. It is a sparkle that shines ever more brightly where the one who discovers it finds strength, courage and yes grace that can only be found after surviving life’s trials. Abundant blessing if one can only open the spiritual door.

Catholic – A Call to Service – ND Hats:

I am a Roman Catholic and was Ordained a Deacon in 1995. Funny how John who shot baskets with me on the play ground across the street from St. Joseph School eventually went to work for the Sisters on the Hill in Mishawaka. And then he became an regular usher at the University of Notre Dame. Is he Catholic? Do you know catholic means universal? John would send me Notre Dame baseball hats – really nice hats. He may not know it but I wore those hats until my wife secretly threw them out.

Spiritual One Flesh – the Family:

Things one remembers! Judy and John were the symbol of the “one flesh” found in the book of Genesis. Their children are gifts of new life and they themselves have created renewed life. Precious beyond imagination are those lives. Sparkle is the word I use. Yes I see sparkle – in the midst of the sparkle I see Hope beyond imagination. It is a spiritual thing that requires eyes and ears that have traveled troubled rocky roads to the depths of ones bones where one finally encounters gifts and talents hidden from the view of human eyes and ears.

To be Born Again – Death necessary to birth New Life:

To be born again one must die. Death is not an end! A grain of wheat must be crushed and broken before it become flour and only then has the potential to birth the bread of life. A grape must be crushed and broken as well to give up the precious juices with the potential to become the finest of wines to drink. Both must die in order to birth abundant New Life.

Crushed and Broken Open the Hidden Door:

Life is about small deaths necessary to create the potential for new life and life ever lasting. Hidden in the story of life are crushing memories and moments necessary to open the only doors where one can discover talents and gifts planted and hidden in the beginning.

Tears – the Water of Baptism – Cleaning ones soul – Rejoice:

Tears are a sign of being born again where the waters of baptism wash our spirits clean to refresh our souls preparing us to continue the journey on the road to new life. As hard as it is this day might be! Rejoice and be Glad

Death Opens the Doorway that sets one free:

Death can not swallow up Life. Death can only set one free to soar on the wings of dove.

Yes, no matter your struggle, God really does love you!

The Disrupt er:

The great disrupt er is necessary to create the necessary mixture to convert toxic material into a breath of fresh air for new life.

Conversion – Toxic to New Life

My son installed a air pump system for our lake. It includes a pump on the shore line, a long hose that reaches to the middle of the lake, an anchor with air dispensers attached.

Whats it Take – A Disrupt er

The design of the air dispensers to to disrupt material laying on the bottom of the lake which accumulated over the years. What I didn’t know is the water at the bottom of the lake becomes toxic over time due to lack of movement or current at the bottom. Fish and other life that requires can not exist within this toxin.

Purification and Conversion

The process of purification requires the material be disrupted and floated to the surface where the air combined with sun light magically gradually converts the toxin into life supporting nutrients. Warning the process must be done incrementally to prevent contaminating the whole lake and killing all the life.

Toxins – Hidden Within

Nature provides interesting analogies for the human condition as well. We humans also have toxin laying below the surface we often do not address. A great analogy is the story of Jesus Christ. He came to testify to the Truth. He confronted within authorities of the church and states resistance to a reflection upon the Truth Jesus came to proclaim. As it were, poison existed within the human family during Jesus time. The human natural resistance was so strong Jesus the Truth proclaimed was crucified for testifying to the Truth which contained the potential spiritual life giving nutrients humankind desperately needed.

Jesus was a disrupt er!

A Story Hidden – Reveled by Unspoken Words and Images which Unfolded before his eyes:


Lessons Taught on a Blue Bird Sky Day:

A messenger from above suddenly appeared high in the blue bird sky high above!  The ideacon was walking down hill toward a beautiful 5 acre lake.  What followed next interrupted his day and lead to drawn out long reflection concluding in this story which unfolded before my eyes.  What transpired spoke volumes yet not a word was heard!  I signs and mages can communicate in a way they can not be forgotten!  Images imprinted in one mind allowing one to step back in time as if one never left.

The Messenger Triggered Multi Month Spiritual Reflection:

This event triggered a multi month reflection.  He couldn’t stop reflecting upon what took place.  Oh so slowly it taught him that the already he knew what was what he needed to understand but over time – honestly he realized he had already known it.  It was a Spiritual testimony to open ones mind to the spiritual reality that has always existed from the beginning of time.  Oh my – could it be – we already know what we need to know yet don’t know we already knew it. Breathless I watched! February 14, 2011 — The Revelation of “the War between the Flesh and the Spirit“.

As the iDove dove from the sky created an awakening for the iDeacon to the reality of the current day War was ragging and that it was a continuation which originally began “In the Beginning“!  The iDove drove straight down at the earth with no deviation what so ever.  As the iDeacon observed the dove’s dive his mind raced trying to understand exactly what was taking place before his eyes.  What in the world was that bird diving at and why oh why? 

Cool, Clear, Crisp Beautiful – Perfect – for Capturing One:

Oh what a beautiful day it was. Cool clear deep blue bird sky overhead on a spring day. Not a cloud in sight. The iDeacon was observing his homing pigeons circle overhead as was the norm.  One could easily sense the joy these pigeons must feel as the air passed under their wings. God’s creatures gracefully fulfilling the purpose for which they were created as they circled high above the earth.  Higher and higher into the sky above they flew. Then in a blink of the eye, the iDeacon detected something had changed in the maneuvers of the birds high above. The smooth path of flight suddenly accelerated. The sound of their wings increased and could be heard below as their wing speed intensified. The smooth graceful circles were replaced by abrupt changes in direction of flight.  Something was amiss?

The iDeacon was stopped in his tracks as he searched for an answer for what had caused the change. Without warning a single white pigeon from the folk of seventy began a drive from about a 1000 feet.  With the Blue Bird Sky as a back drop the The white bird stood clearly out.  The bird was not just any dive — but straight down at the earth as fast as it could fly.

How fast can they fly straight down – 100 200 mph? The dive took the iDeacon’s breath away and he froze in his tracks. It was an amazing sight, the pigeon was really diving straight down. In fact straight down at a 5 acre lake below. Could this be real? Was this white pigeon performing what appeared to be a suicide dive straight down into the water?  Am I breathing asked the iDeacon?

Why?  What’s Happening?

There was a 100 foot tall white oak trees at the edge of the lake. As the bird approached 100 feet above the tree top of the white oak, the iDeacon finally saw the cause for this drastic life and death dive maneuver. There directly on the tail of the white pigeon was a coopers hawk.    Both were diving straight down in a death dive.

Unbelievable:, at 100 feet they both still diving directly down at the lake as fast as they could fly. At 70 feet the iDeacon could see the hawk extending his talons for the kill. Oh my, an oak tree was between the iDeacon and the death dive. The birds disappeared behind the tree and iDeacon was sure there was no way these two birds would escape crashing into the lake.

Only God could create a creature capable of what the iDeacon saw next.  As the white pigeon descended below the canopy of the tree it made an unreal last second maneuver just before skimming the surface of the lake. It not only escaped the lake and the hawk – it had begun a climb back into the clear blue sky while  it left the hawk in it’s dust.  The iDeacon did not see what happened to the Hawk.  It did not crash into the Lake.  The iDeacon can only surmise the Hawk the rapidly approaching lake and made a decision to abandon the dive on the prey in favor survival.

No Way – No Way – A Spiritual Voice Talking!!!

No way, no way, this was unreal yet it happened and could not be denied. The pigeon really did leave the hawk in the dust using this amazing pull up maneuver. Finally, the iDeacon was able to take a new breath of air as he stood frozen in his tracks trying to absorb and digest the really real life and death struggle that had just unfolded before his eyes.

In the coming days this event was played out again and gain in the iDeacon’s mind. Through this event the voice of the iDove began to speak and reveal the symbolic battle that took place that day and takes place everyday between the flesh and the spirit of our world. iDove had hooked the iDeacon and the birth of this web page was sealed!

To be continued The Story Unfolds …….

Hidden in the Story <—> Stealth War   February 18, 2011 — Often in life we humans can not see what is right in front of our noses or hear the sounds crying out to be heard by our ears! I wonder if anyone could see all of the symbology that was hidden in the story of the iDove and the iDeacon? In fact I can tell you the iDeacon could not see the fullness of the story of what was revealed in the that beautiful spring morning.

The discovery of the “Truth” hidden in the story was to come only in time! The “Already and the Not Yet” – Say What? The iDeacon was amazed to discover he didn’t know what he already knew! It is a kind of example of the “Already” but “Not Yet”! Often our spirits already know what our conscious minds can not articulate. The Kingdom of Heaven that is “Already” (at hand)  in 2011 but the also promised perfected Kingdom is “Not Yet”.

One can have great difficulty with the concept of Kingdom “Not Yet”. A trip to the reality by first traveling through the Kingdom “Already”. After Jesus was baptized by the John the Baptist in the Jordan river, upon coming out of the river a dove descended over him and Jesus said “the Kingdom of heaven is at hand” – acknowledging the “Already” exists.

Some may be wondering — What chew talking about – have you lost it???? When I was a boy, I lived in the second largest Belgium settlement in the USA. The national sport in Belgium is racing pigeons. The west end of my home town is where the Belgium’s settled and it seems every 10th house had a pigeon loft in the back yard when I was a boy.

About 3 PM every afternoon when the men came home from work at the Ball Band factory, the Belgium air force (homing pigeons) were let out to exercise. These pigeons would circle and circle around the home loft for 30 minutes to an hour each evening or until the fancier called then in by whistling or shaking the feed can. I used to ride my bike through the alleys of the west end looking for pigeon lofts. Then one day my dad asked me if I wanted some pigeons. Razing and racing homing pigeons entered my blood stream and I began a journey to learn more than I could articulate would only discover years later that which I had come to already know.

The Power of Ten:

Do you know how many primary flight features a racing pigeon has? These are the feathers that propel the pigeon through the air. They rotate as the air passes through which propels them forward and creates a distinct sound like a wish. In fact it catches your attention when a flock of homing pigeons pass over head. You can tell the velocity of flight by the intensity of the sound. Oh yea! You want to know how many primary flight features a racing pigeons has. They have ten.

Now why would that fact be symbolic. It’s the number ten from ancient times that has been passed on from generation to generation that keeps one on the straight and narrow. It is in following this ten that can save ones life from destruction. It is this power of ten that can propel one at the speed necessary to escape the enemy that threatens ones life.  The Ten Commandments!

Remember, we are speaking of the hidden symbols buried in the story of the iDove! And the iDove is the symbol of the Spirit of God and the spirit of ones soul for each is created in the image of God! Could it be the Ten commandments provide humanity with most basic and necessary principles to be digested and understood? Could they contain the secret principles that when followed will lead one to encounter life, find liberty and the path that leads to happiness? And in the end opens the doorway to save ones soul from the evil one and find one standing at the open doors of heavens?

The Power of Twelve: To be continued ….. Stealth Symbols

The Power of Twelve   The Power of Twelve…… The individual parts are not greater than the whole. The whole can not operate to it’s fullest potential without all parts joining in the task of protecting and saving the whole nation from destruction. The Old Testament refers to the number of twelve – the twelve tribes of Israel. One of those tribes was dedicated to serve as the religious servants to the whole worshiping community. The Levit’s were called to honor this calling within the framework of the 12. The One Body concept would include all 12 tribes.

Back to the story ….

The iDove or white racing pigeons is diving directly down as if it’s destination is to plunge directly into the lake rapidly approaching below. I stood motionless and wasn’t even able t6o breath as I watched the unthinkable and unbelievable real life playing our before my eyes. Is was as if the Holy Spirit was speaking to me – pay close attention son, for you are slow of heart and I don’t want you to forget the lesson being played out to be burned into your heart planting a fire so intense it will erupt within your soul and rush to your lips and out of your mouth to a world so occupied with self and corruption it will cause my children to escape for a moment from bondage and slavery box they have placed themselves.

The iDove continued to propel itself with it’s power full wings and primary flight feathers to it’s maximum speed. I said to myself, I cannot watch this sure disaster yet I could not move my body or take my eyes off God’s creatures full filling the purpose for which they were created. Oh My, at about 100 foot above the lake a huge Oak tree obscured my view! Surely at this late point these birds could no longer avoid crashing into the lake. I was able to move a smidgen, just in time to see the iDove descend below the trees lower drip line. 20 feet to impact! What happened next my eyes could not believe!! No way! This can’t be real! Ya gotta be kidding me!

The iDove … The Next Revelation



Sign, Symbol, Message or Chance – Hidden Message

Anyone care to help me reflect upon and try to solve a message hidden in a messenger? A few days ago a white pigeon showed up at my back door. It was wondering around near the steps pecking at the grass, greens and the ground. It was pecking at plants and the ground obvious to me the bird was searching for something to sustain it’s life!

A Pure White Pigeon – a Dove – a Messenger with a Hidden Message:

The arrival of this bird created for me a thirst for answers as I found myself being pulled into deeper and deeper reflection. These are not ordinary times are they? And this was no ordinary bird. In fact it was a white homing pigeon. And just why did this bird choose come to my house of all the homes in my neighborhood to stop? There are at least fifty plus homes just in my local neighborhood and many others in the local city area.

Why My House?

Let me help you a little and explain my what caught my interest and curiosity. I am an unusual man of sorts. I have raised and raced homing pigeons from the time I was boy all the way to the 1950’s. But not only that, but I am rapidly approaching my 25th anniversary as an ordained Catholic Deacon. Perhaps one can begin to detect that I may see things in both a spiritual and physical perspective light that many folks wouldn’t necessarily have a clue exist. And I must admit that I have been reflecting more than a little upon this chance arrival and even this may an understatement.

Discern – Write it down – Reflect:

Fact is something is pestering me to write this down and ask for help! I wonder if there is anyone out there with who is willing to take the time to join me in reflecting and discerning the message hidden in this unexpected arrival? And then — is there someone brave and with the courage to take a risk and share the message this reflection triggered?

I already knew what I needed to know but didn’t know it:

Like the rest of you living life, teaches many lessons and often one can not digest at the time they are first learned. What I will share has been learned and taught through nature and in numerous spiritual reflections. In 2011 I discovered I had already been taught as a kid what I need to know, but I just couldn’t connect the dots to know, I already knew what I needed to know – I just didn’t know I already knew it!

The Sign and symbol of the bird. So what is it? It is white pigeon. It has wings and has the freedom to fly away. And it is a symbol of a dove spoken about in the stories of scripture from almost the beginning. Hidden to many are the symbols of scripture in the creation of the bird itself. Noah’s ark, angles with wings appearing such as Gabriel, Rapheal, and Michael. The spirit of God descending like a dove upon Jesus as he came out of the Jordan river.

Multiple Secrets –> Hidden in the Symbol yet easily available for deeper inspection:

Long ago I knew a Pigeon has ten primary flight pins (feathers) that serve to propel it through the air and with the velocity to escape it’s enemies gifted with stealth techniques. Could these feathers represent the ten commandments if kept can save one from an enemy stealthy hidden in the consequences?

Power of 12 – Hidden Message:

These birds have twelve tail feathers. Takes just a little more than a casual look to learn this fact. Hum – the number twelve – twelve months, twelve tribes, and yes the twelve apostles the leaders of the church a very rich symbol. And one who studies flight knows the tail feathers have a purpose. They serve as a rudder that guides. Combine the realty of the dynamics of flight, make possible unbelievable maneuvers which enhance the birds ability ability to escape it’s enemies.

Oil – Anointing – Hidden Message:

Yes, there is more! The bird has an oil gland at the base of it’s tail. Almost everyone has seen a bird preening but do you know how important that is? The birds uses it’s beak to rub the oil gland and thereby is able to spread a thin layer of oil all over it’s feathers. This reality offers another opportunity for an in-depth reflection. The bird is preparing for survival, a real kind of War – like the the oil of salvation, the oil of the early Christian catechumen’s who used oil to cover themselves before entering the coliseum in preparation for the fight of their life.

This oil also provides some degree of water proofing and more importantly enhances the bird’s ability to slip through the air most efficiently again enhancing it’s ability to escape it’s enemy.

Hang in There:

Hang with me a while longer. The bird has a white wattle on it’s nose or beak. It is in the shape of a heart. The color of the wattle immediately communicates the health of the bird. When a bird is healthy the color of the wattle is egg white – no yellow shade – the color of a fertilized egg. Nature – God’s creation is amazing!

The Heart of the Matter – Hidden Message – Search for Home – The Promised Land:

Scientist theorize the wattle is the primary organ the bird uses navigate and find it’s way home. I can testify that almost anywhere you take the a homing pigeon it will find home. It just needs a little practice while growing up. Homing pigeons in fact have a rich history of being willing to sacrifice their life to find home and they mate for life! They have been used in many past wars to communicate critical information upon which troops lives depended.

Now that I have taken you back to the 1950’s lets start from the beginning!

Messengers with Wings:

In scripture Angles appeared to many and they served as messengers with wings and came in the form of a dove. Why again did this bird show up at my back door? Of all the homes in the neighborhood it came to my back door. My back door happens to be the doorway through which many pets who are not our pets arrived and took up residence.

I am also the only ordained preacher in the neighborhood who also currently raises and races homing pigeons. Could this bird have known I was the most likely to recognize it’s need and it’s message?

Have I presented sufficient details that someone will be willing to embark upon a reflection journey to discover the message hidden in this story?

Use it or Lose it – Message Hidden:

I was easily able to pick the bird up though is was capable of flying away. Could this be a message I was chosen and trusted to care for the birds life?

I could now inspect the bird more closely having developed skilled hands at detecting the health of the bird almost instantly. I forgot to mention a healthy homing pigeons breast feels like one of those small footballs we boys used on the play grounds in the 1950’s. It has a supple feeling – not hard – but firm. Funny a healthy homing pigeon in your hand feels like a football you could throw and it would fly!

Well, this bird breast had suffered atrophy. Atrophy is what happens when one stops using a muscle or has overused the muscle without sufficient nourishment and rest. One just becomes weaker. A sure sign the bird was in trouble and needed some tender loving care! The flight feathers were in good shape and all ten were there.

Hidden Message = 12 Tail Feathers – Rudder – Guide – (12-4) Oh Oh!

Oh Oh, there were four tail feathers missing! Four of Twelve were missing! How to interpret the mystery. I have been involved in racing pigeons over 60 years! It is a sure sign the bird has been attacked by it’s enemy who seeks to take it’s life! A hawk during an attack will extend it’s claws and often only gets the tails feathers which then become detached from the bird saving it’s life!

Confusion here! Four tail feathers are MIA! Four of Twelve is a third. What message does this communicate about the Twelve? The Hawk got them? Yet the bird survived without them! The voice in my head says please pay attention! Where are the twelve today? Where is the Hawk? Are 1/3 of the Bishops MIA?

One is Black as in Sin – Hidden Message:

The next finding was a little more disconcerting. Oh Oh! Of the eight tail feathers remaining one was about half black. The only feather on the bird with black was a tail feather. This sign is perhaps more difficult to discern. Could this be a which do you want first message? The Good news or the Bad?

I must confess, even I have been challenged with some black markings from time to time. Sin can not be denied even in the church! And the Good News is still the Good News. The one who was sent came for the sinner so the sinner would come to understand the message that the sender treasured the sinner so much the sender was freely willing to sacrifice the greatest treasure.

Now that was what I learned in Catholic grade school in the 1950’s. A run on sentence!! Oh my!

So again why did this bird show up at my house??? Does anyone have a clue?

Who am I? I was called to follow a man who came to testify to the truth and people didn’t like the way he preached. I was called to follow a man named Steven who served at tables and the next thing you hear he is out in the street preaching and the people liked his preaching so much they stoned him to death!

“No more sermons from the deacon” = “Shut Up”. Did this bird come to my house so I would stop talking and be quite?

And just what about you? Why does it appear my church is in hiding? Why are we afraid?

I took the bird to my pigeon loft. It is located on 220 acres! I go to care for that bird every day! Every day the wind whisper’s in my ears God’s creative genius and that everyone of us was created in the image of God with a creative nature to adapt and change even as the war rages around us!

And you Say?

What message is that white bird bugging me to speak? What has happened to the tail feathers that are supposed to guide and show us how to use the creative gifts of imagination, truth, sacrifice, courage while the muscle of the bird has suffered atrophy?

So what say you?

My Yoke is easy and MY Burden Light:

Yoke first!

If Jesus Yoke is easy and His Burden Light – How come I am surrounded and being persecuted by those who seek to silence my voice! Surely there must be a bridge somewhere! Why is it hidden from my view? I am not kidding, I am in the midst of a mighty struggle and battle. It’s as if a disarming smiling face has embraced my being, yet behind my back a knife has penetrated my ribs.

As I struggle to understand and keep my balance as the voices of failure attack from within. Surely I have committed some kind of sin for which forgiveness is beyond reach! I am without a doubt a sinner, guilty and deserving of punishment.

Yet this persistent voice continues to call deep from within –> “stay the course”, I choose you, I gave you a vision of this battle. My eyes and spirit grow weary as I counter the demons who seek to unsettle my soul. Am I still called to follow? God gave me a vision of a mighty ragging war right where my leaders are unable to muster guidance? The Lord gave me a command speak of what I have shown you to see!?! The cost at moments is difficult as unworthiness hand cuffs my soul. Long have I been looking for a bridge that passes over my hesitation and waiting. I need that bridge to cross over the doubt, the valley of tears to gain access to the mountain side. Yes the destination I long for and the source of the voice I hear calling!

I ask and ask! What is it I am unable to grasp and need to understand?

Perhaps I should explore what is a Yoke? It is a device used in pulling a heavy load. For a Yoke to easy it must fit the wearer like a glove. It is tailored to embraces the wearer in a fashion that unites yoke to the one called. A Yoke is created exactly to fit unique character of the wearer! A easy Yoke is one made for the circumstances of the load to be pulled.

Oh! It is designed specifically for me and my talents! Hum!!! I say again can this be right? Hum!

My Burden is Light:

Well then, can we move on the concept of My burden is light? So what does burden mean? I must have a Yoke on, it’s tailor fit for me and it is going to assist me to pull something along = the burden? So is the “My” what makes the Burden Light? It’s not My Burden but the Burden of the one who called me! Yea, it’s His burden. Did I escape?

Hey – I am still creating and writing as a vision appears! Hang in there!

Cars Can Fly: Life Hanging in Balance Stop Help

Exodus 17: 8-13 In those days, Amalek came and waged war against Israel. Moses had climbed to the top of the hill with Aaron and Hur. As long as Moses kept his hands raised up, Israel had the better of the fight, but when he let his hands rest, Amalek had the better of the fight. Moses’hands, however, grew tired

I met a man in Home Depot who said have we met before? At an accident. Yes I was at an accident two years ago.

I was driving up a hill when a car coming the opposite direction went airborne perfectly vertical, came back to earth hitting the ground with the rear bumper nose pointed perfectly straight up. Due to the speed the car was traveling it then flipped three times as it crossed the road in front of me into a yard. I knew instantly the driver was in real trouble. I pulled to the side, got out, ran to the vehicle and tried to open the door. It would not open – probably jammed.

Another person ran to the other side and was able to open the river side door. I hurried around to help. It was this man, a retired fir fighter. He knew what we needed to do! The driver was a young woman and she was not breathing. We needed to move her so her breathing passageway would open. He climbed to her side of the car where he was able to have a little leverage to to lift her body so she could be moved. I held her head, in case her neck was injured and so her breathing would not be restricted. Another person climbed into the back seat and together we gradually moved her so her head and shoulders rested on the driver seat. Still she was not breathing.

I did the only thing I knew how. Our Father who art in Heaven, a gurgling sound came from her throat as some blood leaked out. Finally, at least she was breathing very irregularly. I was knelling on the ground and holding her head as the breathing became more and more regular. The fireman called for help and recognized she needed a life flight to a hospital that could handle her injuries.

Soon my arms began to become weary as the position I was in as well as the stress of moving her while managing to keep her head stable was beginning to take a tole.

And then a policeman wanted to arrest the man who saved this woman’s life because he left his vehicle in the road! Which come first? Life or Authority?

The Need for the Unspoken Word:

I am an Old man on the mend! Took on task of replacing floor boards on 18’ trailer. Lots twisting, pulling, lifting and wiggles to get those boards free. Leaped up on the trailer to find the bolts still holding! Old man twisted left leg – oh oh! Pain overtook the day – kneeling and praying Lord have mercy on this old man who hasn’t bought into = on sneaky aging! Now what am I gonna do???

Can’t put weight on that leg and in the middle of part done mess! Well one advantage an old man has – is go slow – think every movement through – go slow – don’t be in a hurry – got all day – we can do this!

Memory of an Old Man who did What by himself?:

It helped that I remembered my dad move a double garage all by himself and connected it to his house in his sixties! Leverage is an old man’s friend – just need to think how to use it. Lean on stuff to ease the weight – got the lose boards off so I could drive home and begin “RICE”.

Sitting in my chair, watching TV, leg lifted with Ice under knee, blanket on so I don’t freeze haha! Picked up knee compact will put it on after minimum 30 minutes On ice! Was able to almost walk normally late yesterday! Just have to remember I am old and go slow giving my body time to heal! And give thanks for what my dad taught me without ever saying a word! You can move mountains if you open your mind avoiding those who seek to lock you up in doubt and dependence!

What a way to start the New Year!
Ham pulled, PCL strained, aches and pains smothered by hope the Good Lord already gave me what I need to continue this adventure another day and eventually get those new trailer boards installed!

Thanks to my dad who suffered with early Parkinson’s – I have a vision to sustain hope even when I am down!

No politician can do this for me! Yep, thanks dad! I still remember him climbing the steps to St. Joe Church in Mishawaka, Indiana – there was something at the top of those steps worth every single step!

So I ask? – who gave you a treasure without speaking a word?

Happy new Year – Hope is birthed again! May the one and only God Bless You!

We have gone to the Dogs:

We have had at least 8 dogs that are and were not our dogs! Wolfgang was a black lab puppy my oldest son brought home when he was a freshman in college! Wolfgang would bite your feet (it hurt let me tell you) until you played with him – he did not run out of gas!!! Before we knew it he started running the neighborhood and – he was hit by a car breaking a hip and slowing him down! Nursed him back / he became my traveling pal! Hyper hyper hyper. Hip injury took it’s toll!

Then came Winston – Australian Shepherd – same son – after college! Dog got on the back of someone’s truck and got lost. Winston had our name / number on Veterinarian rabbies tag! Someone called Vet – Bet called my wife. She wouldn’t let our son have the dog back! Winston became my pal too – walk – walk – bounce up walk walk walk – Just like herding sheep – bounce up to look over sheep = me! Winston just got old! Made me cry the day he died!

Well then there was Scarlet – bad habit Russel Terrier – loved chasing cars – found her in the street one morning – sad. With Scarlet came Mick – bull massive – big boy – my wife managed to find Mic a loving home with kids! Both from – you guessed it the same son whose mom set down the law!

Whew! Thought I was finally free! Neighbors sold home and left dog behind – wife fed him – another pal – Brownie was the name we gave her! Unknown to use a hound dog must have been watching – cause little by little he came closer and closer! Brownie’s pal. I called him Little Bit becuase he won’t get close enough to touch! But Inch by inch- day by day, week after week Little Bit moved in. Unfortunately, Little Bit also loved to chase cars – not good!

After a time the Vet discovered found Brownie had had heart worms for a very long time – oh my! A few more tears!

Let your hearts not weary! Bailey, the other neighbors dog had obviously been watching and found an opening – another pal! Bailey was already old and soon began having trouble getting those hind legs to follow! Lots of consulting with the neighbor and the day finally came!

The cold of winter is here – but the signs of new life surround hidden in the wet cold ground around! It’s kinda like some how I managed to learn I can smell nature cooking a brew of nutrients from what appears as all the dead stuff that surrounds!

Took my tractor for a ride in the cold! She fussed a bunch and blew smoke as I started her up! But you know she started to purr as she warmed up to the chore of pulling a harrow in toe! Magic all around if one just open eyes and ears to listen for sounds – new birth mixed into the earths brew! Hills and valleys lie ahead for sure and treasures await for those open to search! Wow! The wonders of the spirit of life – Not for a single second did I think I’ll of anyone – not once did I encounter a trace of ill or hate!

Get it together folks – we are called to be in one spirit = united! The dogs figured it out – just say hi – I wish you a blessed day even when all I can do is only negotiate an inch at a time!