Air Traffic Controller Strike: August 3, 1981

Anniversary – 1981-2022!  Yikes 41 years ago today!

I was there Miami Airport!  The national PATCO Union – the controllers Union called for a strike.  13,00 Air Traffic controllers went on strike!  I went to work that day!

What many Americans do not know is that PATCO had affiliated itself with the AFL/CIO who had control of the ships and trucks.  Hmmm!  Anyone see a potential problem there?  Some body’s wanted the strike.

PATCO had negotiated the first contract with the Federal Government – FAA.  They pretty much were offfered everything they asked for!  Hmmm!  So what was the strike really all about?

Could in it be Power and Control?  Hmmm!  How does your mind work?

While Waiting = Time = Opportunity for the location Key :

A people in Waiting:  The Roman Catholic Church:

August 2022.  Went to prison.  Arrived on time and arrived in my designated room.  Waited.  I have been getting acclimated to waiting.  When I arrive I advise the guard who calls the dorms to notify inmates I have arrived so they can be released to attend.  The men I visit are in dorm M.  I put my stuff on the table and sit down to wait.

A time to just Wait – What to do with a Wait- Spiritual Sharing during a Wait :

As I am waiting, a young man sitting in the room ask me a question?  For the next hour I begin explaining who I am, why I am here and ask him a few questions about his situation.

Suffering – any suffering?  Suffering can be a non verbal method of communications for those with eyes to see.    Could Jesus have been speaking the whole time he was nailed to the cross?  Was there blood coming from his head and into his eyes?  Could it have been very painful?  You bet!

Holy Smokes an hour evaporates:  Then the young man tells me the inmate I am waiting on is in dorm K!  I go to the guard and provide the name and dorm.  Lord have mercy – the inmates shows up in less than 5 minutes.  What you been doing?  Evangelization is my description.

I change the subject to what has been going on with the inmate since I last visited?  Oh boy did he have a story to tell.  He checked out of his dorm signing out with the guard.  Another three guards where near the exit and talking.  One of the guards was assigned to his dorm and advised him to sign out.   He responded that he had signed out.  Apparently a misunderstanding took place resulting in some confusion and triggered human emotions for both men.  Well bottom line it didn’t bod well for the inmate I came to visit.  He ended up in a place called the hole.  When he first was incarcerated he frequented the hole.  But several years ago after finding his way back to practicing his faith – his behavior changed for the better.  He shared although he was not happy about being placed in the hole he was calm.  In fact he said the warden, deputy warden, chaplain and three other officers came to visit him in the hole.  They wanted to know what’s up since this was not his recent behavior.

What to do with a Wait – Spiritual Sharing follows:

My question?  I was there an hour before the young inmate reveled to me he knew where the inmate was I came to visit.   Then the inmate arrives and tells me the story of his waiting in the hole and while he was waiting the visitors who came to check on him.

Waiting can be Spiritually Productive:

Seems to me the Holy Spirit was working through all the encounters that took place.  And if I hadn’t been willing to take a risk and share my spiritual ministry with a stranger who does not attend church – well the Wait would have been just a Wait and then go home.


The Devil and his War Entered Our School!

What’s Up with the Kids?

Sadness found a way into my heart! Again, I have failed to be brave! Ten years visiting prison the training grounds of the Holy Spirit. Oh so slowly yet surely teaching me the lessons hidden from the view of so many! Do you love me enough – the question in hiding! Walking through a room full of washed-out-looking young men! I could hear their cries with my eyes. The Spirit in inquiry took me on a journey! I began to ask older, long-time incarcerated men what’s up with those kids??? WHAT’S up with those KIDS???
“Can anyone HEAR ME” is the cry!!!????
Story: when these young inmates first arrive they put them in a padded room for the whole day! The description is they bounce off the walls all day long. Explosive is the energy held deep within the suffering youth!
Only late – yes very very late – does anyone enter the room and try to speak to these young men! The brave crusted, tough old inmates know instinctively to leave the kids bounce till they bounce no more! Only after they have worn themselves out is it safe to try to speak to them! Maybe – yes, maybe they will listen??

Hard Incarcerated Men Lead me to the Truth

It was the hardened, old journeyman inmates who told me these young men are mad as hell!!!! I wonder does anyone have ears? What are they so angry about????????????????
They are MAD as HELL at mom and dad!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emotional Anger!! Oh yeah, I am a deacon, so I am supposed to know something about mom and dad!  What’s are we missing?  Yes, one can find it “In the Beginning” God created man, male and female, he created them! God’s design was summed up using a spiritual concept using the term “One Flesh”!  One can find it in the Book of Genesis.

Oh No!  Discipline?

Discipline is the hidden secret that unites mom and dad, and a new born baby is supposed to change mom and dad for life! The definition of intimacy – not the one most people think of!!!
Children know instinctively that discipline is love! They will demand it and if they don’t get it they will demand it in more outrageous ways. “Do you love me enough” is the question. The kids know when mom and dad fail to the answer their question!!  Do you love me enough to discipline me?
Yet, “discipline” in modern America is what? Let them raise hell and bounce off walls??  Whether in the prison or outside the prison the kids know and are asking the same question. Does anyone have eyes to hear? Have you watched the burning and looting on TV?

Where oh where are the Mothers and Fathers?

Where oh where are our Fathers and Mothers / moms and dads?  Where oh where are our politicians?  Oh gosh – yeah, they drank the modern cool-aid!  Am I to speak out where people can hear?
Are you calling me, Lord? Have I failed, Lord? What am I to do, Lord?
I went to Mass yesterday – couldn’t understand a word of the Gospel nor the homily! Is this what our children are having to listening to?  Exactly what is being taught?  Dare we even ask the leaders of our church?  Yes, Catholic children are being taught to day dream?  Where oh where is the Shepherd?  MIA!  Am I all alone?
Use technology to draw our young people to hear and listen – yes to use their God given spirit.  Big Screen TV and voice to Text conversion software.
It is long past time for real Fathers and Mothers to surround the Bishops castle and not allow any food in until the Bishop repents and begins to insist the Gospel (Truth) of Jesus Christ be preached so our children can actually hear it for real – (discipline/Love).
Jesus did! He came to testify to the Truth – to set us Free. He was killed by those who knew Him – NO MORE SERMONS FROM JESUS CHRIST!
Where oh where are our Catholic Leaders?
I hear there is at least one in the heartland of LBGTQ land – San Francisco! Thank you, Lord, for a man/Farther/priest/bishop/archbishop who is not a coward!
Angry young man – 19 4th grade children – dead plus the teacher! It hits home hard! My grand daughter will be teaching middle school next year! Lord Have Mercy on this nation – please please help us restore the one flesh and recognize we don’t own the tree! Please make haste and send us someone with the courage to speak the Truth again!
Am I all alone?  Amen!

Care for the Earth — A Garden:

When I was a kid growing up in northern Indiana, all of my aunts and uncles had a small garden in their yard. Yes, even in depths of winter they figured out how to grow some crops. As a kid, I remember going to one of my uncle’s houses where there was a foot of snow on the ground. I still remember how they constructed the garden above ground held together with wooden beams and covered with what looked to me as an old window that covered the top.

Have you ever sat in a car on a sunny day with windows closed and doors shut?  Did it warm up inside the car? The Sun works – the Son works! It can save life that is threatened by cold and surround it with sufficient warmth life can be sustained and even grow!

We live in a new Modern day where people have been largely disconnected from nature and God! Climate Change is the chant! Amazing how MODERN Man can turn TRUTH Upside DOWN!  Heck, Climate Change is exactly God’s Design from the Beginning! Man’s challenge is to figure out how to cooperate with mother nature (God’s Design) and use what can be obvious – right in front of the noses of man. Yet perplex and real as it is – Modern man thinks self is smarter!  Open your eyes, ears, and spirit says the Lord! Be observant! Pay attention to God’s design – it offers the potential for new life in the midst of many traveling down the wrong path!

Lord Have Mercy!! There really is hope for humanity – if only – if only – if only!!!!

Chicken Houses – Gender Truth:

Years ago an old farmer built 3 chicken houses with an outside pen attached to each. Yes, the old Farmer wanted to teach his modern world children a lesson in TRUTH.

In one house, the farmer put all roosters. In the second house, the farmer put all hens. And in the third house, he put both roosters and hens.

Now the farmer’s children were being schooled in left-leaning schools, so he decided he could teach his children a real life lesson in Truth. He told his young, athletic son and his buddies could eat all the eggs that came from the rooster house. Then, the farmer told his daughter and her girl friends that they could eat all the young chickens that hatched in the hen house but not the eggs (you know, so the eggs could hatch).

To drive home his point further, the farmer stopped stocking the rooster and hen houses with new chickens. So what do you think will happen in those two houses? – Hmm the truth? What happened to the roosters in the rooster house and the hens in the hen house?

Many months and a few years passed as his children grew older. The Farmers asked his son, “Why is the rooster house now empty? What possibly could have gone wrong?” And to his daughter he asked, “Why is the hen house also empty? What could have possibly gone wrong there – we know they laid plenty of eggs?”

Thankfully the 3rd chicken house was still going strong producing eggs and plenty of chickens for the family and friends to eat. Imagine that in 2022!

Anyone WOKE up yet?

Nonverbal Communication – It Works

The Gospel for Sunday – Catholic – April 3, 2022.  John 8:1-11.

The Scribes and Pharisees brought Jesus a woman caught in adultery!  Hey – where’s the guy?  Oh heck darn – I have to remember it is the spirit hidden in the story that is the point.  So what was it about the woman??? Well, women back in the day had no status or power!

It was a man’s world – right?? Oh, and today no change???  Ha ha we have a man winning the woman’s swim race in 2022! Testimony Truth turned Upside down? Modern man has set women back how many years??? Where did the feminist go? Is it safe to say the NCAA leaders are just like the folks we are speaking of in this old old old Gospel? Pretty much cowards I would say!

Just when are we going to see some real men and womanly courage arise? Oh yeah, the terms male and female not allowed to be spoken!  Just who is it that will have the courage to stand up and speak up? Democrats?  Joe the Devout Catholic? Nancy the say what Catholic? Oh my – who are they today? AND just where’s the Catholic Bishops hiding??

Bad boy – I am not supposed to be asking those questions!

The unspoken spiritual point:

Women in Jesus’s day had no status – indeed, they were the lowest of the low – well except for children! The people of His day confronted Jesus and thought they could trick Him into saying words that would get Him in real trouble! They thought they set him up wonderfully! Yep – just can’t fail!

So, what did He do when they challenged Him to reply to their setup question? What did they do? Maybe better said: what did Jesus do to help defeat themselves?  Well, he defeated them without speaking a word. Yikes – silence is a deadly weapon! Instead, He bent down – lower than the lowly woman they brought before Him to be publicly be humbled! He bent down lower than she and said not a word!

He taught them by what He did!

And He made them wait! They had to begin to question themselves. What the heck is He doing? It had to infuriate their pious attitudes and challenge the spirit that lives within! Oh my – now what is He doing? Looks like writing in the sand.

The Sand:

Where is that? Oh – on the earth – yep, the earth! Darn – What? What was He thinking? In the Beginning – man was made from the what???? Do we know the answer? Does from dust to dust have any meaning in the modern world? He was silently yet powerfully speaking!

After a very very long and frustrating pause – He finally spoke up!  You who are without sin – YES, that awful word “SIN” – can cast the first stone! Oh my Oh my Oh my! Yes it was the eldest who left first!!! Wisdom seems to be married to age! I can identify – yes I can!  The elderly knew instinctively without a great deal of thought they were guilty of the modern day awful word “SIN”!

Then – yes even then the younger folks had to begin to ask themselves – what the heck? Why are they leaving? Yep, it took a little time – yes it did – silence speaks and penetrates pride! It is a spiritual thing, you know – it’s a spiritual message. Can you see it? Any chance your spirit works?

Finally, even the hardest of heart – you know, those with the stiffest necks – yes even they had to begin to depart from the presence of Truth!

Disney are your ears open and do they work – are you listening?

Talk about hard hearts and stiff necks – Oh my! People who use imagination to destroy Truth – consequently, there is this very special place reserved and set aside for them!

Only then did Jesus stand up – “Has no one condemned you.” He asked the lady with no power.  “No one sir,” she responds! “Neither do I condemn you,” says the Lord! – Wow!

Now the punch line the modern world seeks to erase!!!!! READY?

Oh so very many miss the whole spiritual point! Yes, folks it is obvious the modern world misses it! “Go and sin no more.”  Oh my – what the hey! What are some people at Disney going to do?

If I don’t go to Disney again – could it send a non verbal message? Yep, it could be powerful.  Disney does not create or own children or the family! Keep on sinning and we are promised a proper reward! Hell and the Devil anxiously await our answer!

The Devil’s Agenda On Display – Disney!

Hey y’all! Took a break. Received comments that my spelling is not so good! Yep, those folks are correct! What am I to do – what am I to do??? Yes, I am an old type-with-two-fingers yet go too fast. My mind is racing ahead of my hands and fingers! I am guilty!

Thank you to those who had the courage to criticize! I typically am thinking about what I want to say versus watching what it is that I am writing! Hence – spelling errors and words out of place and order. Heck darn! What do I do?

Time is a factor, and the modern world is fast paced! Yes, I need to slow down. Yet, buried in what I write is the spirit of the message, and I believe, in spite of my failures in typing etc., that the spiritual message may yet succeed! It is my HOPE!! Within the spiritual message lies hidden to many the TRUTH!

The Devil’s agenda is openly on display!

The modern world HATES that the objective man cannot change Truth! Ask some of the folks who work at Disney – the anti family, anti one flesh, married to the devil himself – group!!!!!! But, “HOPE” is what the modern world is in desperate need of! I sure Hope people find the courage to speak real Truth!

Goodbye Disney – hell’s fires await in anxious anticipation!

Woke or Awake — Hello world!

Have been visiting a State Prison for over ten years. When I first began I was very uncomfortable for many reasons. I had a million questions about just what was I getting myself into. I would go so far to admit the Good Lord really had to trick me before I volunteered. And it took me almost a full year to complete the necessary prerequisite work.

  1. Submit Back ground paperwork and wait!
  2. Attend an approved volunteer training session which I did.

It took so long that at one point I finally told the Good Lord — “you must not really want me to do prison ministry – I give up!!!”

Proof the Lord really does work – the following day the Chaplin from the prison I wanted to visit called me on the phone. He asks? Are you still interested in visiting the prison? Well yes is my answer. He gave me instructions to go to a local Sheriff’s office and ask to be finger printed and have them sent to the Department of Corrections. Done!!!

Hoops = Insult to Injury:

Hoops to jump through I call them! Paid for my own fingers to be printed. Yikes, I served four years in the military where they finger printed me. Then I spent another forty plus years working for the Federal government where I was finger printed and passed a background check. As if that wasn’t enough I have a back ground check done every year by my church! That’s the reason for the YIKES!!! Enough is enough!

I admit applying through State prison process was a test! But that wasn’t what tricked me! What was it that gave me the resolve to persist – that was the trick.

Lesson right our of scripture: We are a people in Waiting:

Patience my dear! Haha on me! Lesson learned. Persistence! Oh yea you want to know what the trick was!! Well you see there was this lady I know from church. She is a wonderful and joyful Lady. You see her husband was accused of taking funds illegally. He was charged and taken to court. The verdict was he was found guilty! Yes he was!

There was nothing I could to help this woman with her agony and her belief her husband was not guilty. I asked myself? What can I do to help? Prison ministry pope3d into my head and the journey began to find my way into prison ministry!

Here I am Lord send me come to mind!

You thought I was done: Haha on You!

I was taught many lessons in prison. The lesson I write about today is simply many living in freedom outside the prison choose to create and build prison bars around themself and do not realize they really could escape. Another scripture lesson driven home. Human nature would rather remain in bondage and slavery (to sin) than be free. Freedom is in fact a scary reality for us humans!

Every time Jesus walked into a room his first words were – “do not be afraid.

The Pandemic – The Pandemic:

As always the Truth is always the Truth and eventually will escape the clutches of the corrupt! Happening Now! Wow the heavy cost to a free people – fear used as a weapon to build bars and imprison the masses. Shut down the small business owner while allowing the mega corporations open doors!

Do our Politicians believe in our Republic – No! Dictatorship Yes! Corruption Yes – Freedom No!

I ask the Reader – do you want Freedom and Liberty or do you want to empower to replace the Declaration of Independence, the constitution and the Bill of Rights with Communism?????

This is a heart attack City moment in the History of the Nation built upon self governance, principles and values that do not change over time or the technology advancements. Truth awaits your answer!

Visiting Prison

Went prison on Friday. Arrived inside prison at 09:30 AM. Guard announces Catholic Service building ##! No one shows up! Sitting in chair by a large glass window looking out into prison yard with multiple walkways. Individual inmates keep checking in – reporting for a multitude of reasons. So what would you do?

Man Oh man don’t I have a lot of things to do?

Well I have been doing this for a few years! Most days I just tell the Lord I have a lot of things I would rather do! Through the years I finally learned the lesson I surrender – I was sent to learn!! OK Lord -,just what is it you have in mind for me today???? Should I stay or should I go? If someone had come I would surely stay!!

Just sitting quietly in silence: No talk-en! Non Verbal!

So I just sat, watched and prayed funny prayers – like – so what you trying to teach me today Lord? I look up at the clock – 11:00 AM. Then I zone out! – haha – day dreaming – next thing I know I look up and there stands the inmate I came to see! He tells me I didn’t know you were here. I have a court appointment I have to make – (in prison video zoom court) appearance. In the blink of an eye he’s gone!

Just watching behavior in the Yard – Guide Dog Training:

Been watching inmates training guide dogs! Did you know they do that? After a while one of them brings his dog into the building I am sitting. Walks up hall and comes back. Stands at door looking down hall. Then he asks me! Hey are you a priest? Oh shucks – I forgot I was wearing a black shirt with a white Roman collar! I realized my presence was talking while I was silent. Non verbal communications is working all the time. Careful what you do cause people are reading your message all the time. So respond – no I am a deacon but want you to know I will be coming every Friday at 09:30 AM. Are you Catholic? The guys says yes and I have been waiting for you! I will be there next Friday!

The Spirit of God is working full time – yet

Did you know dog spelled backwards spells God? Not just any dog but a guide dog! What do you have in mind for me today Lord comes to mind! I am just sitting there waiting, doing nothing and the spirit that has many hiding places is working in ways we can seldom see. Was I being productive I ask??? Well before can I stop thinking about the dog inmate – the first guys shows up again and the prison guard (human) opens the library so we can pray!

A Room Full of Books – Full of Words – Just patiently Waiting:

Do you know a library is room full of books full of words just waiting around for someone to pick them up so just maybe the spirit hiding the words can be set free to reveal a message spirit hidden within? The first inmate shares a little about his court date. Still on track for a release date March 1, 2022. He will have been 34 years incarcerated by then. He tells me he is afraid of freedom! And he shares he hates the word discipline! Oh boy I am in trouble! I had just told him the word discipline meaning is love! Wow are we on different pages! I ask him what did it take for Jesus to go to Jerusalem where he knew they would crucify him! What did he exercise? And I asked him to consider it’s not the word – one must search the spiritual meaning of the word is hidden in the spirit of the word! Jesus didn’t have to go to Jerusalem and he could perform miracles! So why did he not rebel! Ahh ha! Maybe He wanted to teach us the secret hidden in discipline is communicated through an act of love – to do what he didn’t have to!

Could this be for you and me?

For each of you and me! The inmate told me he would reflect and pray about the word disciple! You know while I was in prison I didn’t suffer crucifixion! I just sat waiting and the spirit hidden in the wait was working the whole time!

Memorial Judy 2022

Indiana Shooting Hoops

When I was a teenager I used to shoot baskets on the play ground across the street from St Joseph grade school ion Mishawaka. Indiana the Hoosier Hysteria State, it was in my soul. I was a really good shooter. Won many games of 21 and “HORSE”. One day an older kid showed up on the playground to shoot baskets. I discovered he was pretty darn good at shooting hoops. As we played games I became frustrated because he could shoot as well as I did but just a bit better. Gosh darn it he would win. He lived in the house on the alley next to the play ground. I new John because we both had paper routes and paper routes teach work ethics. Later in life I would find this fellow John would find his way back into my life.

The Home Town Alley:

On this same alley lived another kid. His name was Orville McIntyre. His father was killed in World War II. We used to play a lot of hoops games during the summer months. Later during the school year he told me was working as a skate boy at the Bock Roller rink and wanted me to come with him. One day while we were shooting hoops, Judy Hartman walked down the alley to her home on another corner of the alley. Following her was another younger girl. Orville told me she was a daughter of the Bock’s Roller rink. Oh my what lies ahead?

Bock’s Roller Rink / Music Dance:

Somehow I managed to find my way to Bock’s Roller Rink. This is where I first encountered Judy Bock. She was an excellent skater, in fact far far better than that. She skated with a graceful flow and powerful. In those days the rink had an organist in the evenings. During each evening they had special couple dance skates. I still remember the Waltz and the Fox Trot. Every once in a while Fred Back would skate with his daughters. It was just beautiful. I can still see them. Yea Fred had another daughter. Her name was Lynn. We managed to become boy friend and girl friend. Everyone in the rink knew when we had a spiff. Lynn would sit in a corner of the rink and not skate. Oh boy am I in trouble now.

Life’s Rocky Road Fast Forward:

Fast forward, Judy gets married and before long she has her first child – Kim. Somebody put rocks in the road? I don’t know what happened but just it happened and divorce followed.
After high school and a couple years in college I joined the air force. After being assigned my first station I returned home and in January of 1966 we were married. Funny how things occur.

Military Service – Air Force and He’s Back:

While I was busy playing Air Force duties this guy John (from shooting basketballs) somehow came onto the seen without my knowledge. The next thing I know Judy and John are getting hitched in May 1966. Later another baby shows up – she is named Kelly.

A True Art Form handed Down:

I can still remember the the grace of flow of Judy’s skating – I observed a kind of sparkle that radiated from her as I observed Judy skate. Oh Yes, I saw it in Judy’s kids. But so much more than that. I see it today in Kim and Kelly’s kids – the grand kids and great grand kids. It is the sparkle of new life sparkle that is enhanced by surviving a struggle and a trip through the valleys of tears. It is a sparkle that shines ever more brightly where the one who discovers it finds strength, courage and yes grace that can only be found after surviving life’s trials. Abundant blessing if one can only open the spiritual door.

Catholic – A Call to Service – ND Hats:

I am a Roman Catholic and was Ordained a Deacon in 1995. Funny how John who shot baskets with me on the play ground across the street from St. Joseph School eventually went to work for the Sisters on the Hill in Mishawaka. And then he became an regular usher at the University of Notre Dame. Is he Catholic? Do you know catholic means universal? John would send me Notre Dame baseball hats – really nice hats. He may not know it but I wore those hats until my wife secretly threw them out.

Spiritual One Flesh – the Family:

Things one remembers! Judy and John were the symbol of the “one flesh” found in the book of Genesis. Their children are gifts of new life and they themselves have created renewed life. Precious beyond imagination are those lives. Sparkle is the word I use. Yes I see sparkle – in the midst of the sparkle I see Hope beyond imagination. It is a spiritual thing that requires eyes and ears that have traveled troubled rocky roads to the depths of ones bones where one finally encounters gifts and talents hidden from the view of human eyes and ears.

To be Born Again – Death necessary to birth New Life:

To be born again one must die. Death is not an end! A grain of wheat must be crushed and broken before it become flour and only then has the potential to birth the bread of life. A grape must be crushed and broken as well to give up the precious juices with the potential to become the finest of wines to drink. Both must die in order to birth abundant New Life.

Crushed and Broken Open the Hidden Door:

Life is about small deaths necessary to create the potential for new life and life ever lasting. Hidden in the story of life are crushing memories and moments necessary to open the only doors where one can discover talents and gifts planted and hidden in the beginning.

Tears – the Water of Baptism – Cleaning ones soul – Rejoice:

Tears are a sign of being born again where the waters of baptism wash our spirits clean to refresh our souls preparing us to continue the journey on the road to new life. As hard as it is this day might be! Rejoice and be Glad

Death Opens the Doorway that sets one free:

Death can not swallow up Life. Death can only set one free to soar on the wings of dove.

Yes, no matter your struggle, God really does love you!