A Death Dive – Are You Gonna Leave Me? – A Vision 4

An Anointing with Sacred Oil:

The news in regard to the Catholic Church and it’s hierarchy is growing more devastating each day. The Gospel this Sunday gave us a testimony to give us hope! This truth is hard to take! Many disciples left and returned to the ways of the world! Jesus asked! Will you leave me too?
What is your answer?  Peter said to whom shall we go?

In 2011 God gave me a vision – of an intense mean spirited war. The Church was in a nose dive and the Spirit of Life was in what appeared as a death dive to save itself from the evil one who seeks the ruin of faith and any believer.

The voice of the one who loves me spoke to me – I kept you Alive to stand as a witness to this war and to speak of this war in words the world rejects.

The Great Deceiver seeks to Silence you Voice:

The duelist, progressives, relativism and pluralist of this world will seek to silence your voice! Those who have appointed themselves the owners of truth while living the life of a world enslaved by sin the world seeks to embrace will reject you.

As the war intensifies and the Church appears doomed, the vision manifest an amazing recovery! To those who have ears – listen to the voice placed in your soul the day you were conceived. To those who have eyes – look the spirit of the Lord that fly’s on the wings of the dove that gave us the “Word” as it passes over the waters – the wellspring of new life!

To Whom will you Turn?

Preparation: An Anointing:  Oil of Salvation:  Baptism: Confirmation:

Yes the idove preens itself everyday!  It has an oil gland at the base of it’s tail.  It takes it’s beak and rub’s it’s beak  across the oil gland then spreads a thin layer of oil all over it’s feathers.  It anoints itself everyday which enable the bird to pass through the air with least residence to escape it enemy.

To whom shall you turn? Who promised my Church shall not be overcome? I await the revelations yet to unfold with the hope in the One who calls me by the name that rings as music to my ears!

to be continued …………..

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