Woke or Awake — Hello world!

Have been visiting a State Prison for over ten years. When I first began I was very uncomfortable for many reasons. I had a million questions about just what was I getting myself into. I would go so far to admit the Good Lord really had to trick me before I volunteered. And it took me almost a full year to complete the necessary prerequisite work.

  1. Submit Back ground paperwork and wait!
  2. Attend an approved volunteer training session which I did.

It took so long that at one point I finally told the Good Lord — “you must not really want me to do prison ministry – I give up!!!”

Proof the Lord really does work – the following day the Chaplin from the prison I wanted to visit called me on the phone. He asks? Are you still interested in visiting the prison? Well yes is my answer. He gave me instructions to go to a local Sheriff’s office and ask to be finger printed and have them sent to the Department of Corrections. Done!!!

Hoops = Insult to Injury:

Hoops to jump through I call them! Paid for my own fingers to be printed. Yikes, I served four years in the military where they finger printed me. Then I spent another forty plus years working for the Federal government where I was finger printed and passed a background check. As if that wasn’t enough I have a back ground check done every year by my church! That’s the reason for the YIKES!!! Enough is enough!

I admit applying through State prison process was a test! But that wasn’t what tricked me! What was it that gave me the resolve to persist – that was the trick.

Lesson right our of scripture: We are a people in Waiting:

Patience my dear! Haha on me! Lesson learned. Persistence! Oh yea you want to know what the trick was!! Well you see there was this lady I know from church. She is a wonderful and joyful Lady. You see her husband was accused of taking funds illegally. He was charged and taken to court. The verdict was he was found guilty! Yes he was!

There was nothing I could to help this woman with her agony and her belief her husband was not guilty. I asked myself? What can I do to help? Prison ministry pope3d into my head and the journey began to find my way into prison ministry!

Here I am Lord send me come to mind!

You thought I was done: Haha on You!

I was taught many lessons in prison. The lesson I write about today is simply many living in freedom outside the prison choose to create and build prison bars around themself and do not realize they really could escape. Another scripture lesson driven home. Human nature would rather remain in bondage and slavery (to sin) than be free. Freedom is in fact a scary reality for us humans!

Every time Jesus walked into a room his first words were – “do not be afraid.

The Pandemic – The Pandemic:

As always the Truth is always the Truth and eventually will escape the clutches of the corrupt! Happening Now! Wow the heavy cost to a free people – fear used as a weapon to build bars and imprison the masses. Shut down the small business owner while allowing the mega corporations open doors!

Do our Politicians believe in our Republic – No! Dictatorship Yes! Corruption Yes – Freedom No!

I ask the Reader – do you want Freedom and Liberty or do you want to empower to replace the Declaration of Independence, the constitution and the Bill of Rights with Communism?????

This is a heart attack City moment in the History of the Nation built upon self governance, principles and values that do not change over time or the technology advancements. Truth awaits your answer!

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