Innocence Followed by the Fall Leading to Truth:

“In the Very Beginning”

“In the Beginning” the original story man is born into innocence!  As the story unfolds quickly follows the original fallYes it is a setup opening the door for redemption and the restoration of innocence.

“Longing for a Return to Innocence”

Ever since man longs to return to a state of innocence .

In the Garden:

In the Garden Innocence

Man – male and female are defined A seed provider and a womb capable of creating new life as a pair.  Yet to be complete the expression one flesh receives it’s true definition wrapped in a trinity of 3.  One man, one woman and the two united in spirit with the creator of all life.  A definition under attack by modern man.  The gift of free will under severe attack by the same deceptive spirit against the original design of the creator.  Man was unable to escape the lure of the deceiver and consumed the forbidden fruit.  Way back in the beginning.

Every Generation:

No surprise humanity continues to fall to same deceptive voice that captures mans yearning to self proclaim themselves owner of the original tree in the garden. The ancient story that setup the necessity of the creator sending a treasured first born spiritual gift to save man from himself!  Oh my – through the torture and unbelievable suffering that non verbally spoken the very words where forgiveness, healing and salvation lie in hiding!  Man’s Free Will demands suffering in order that man will seek truth beyond himself!

Solitude – Self Searching for Self:

In the Beginning was solitude.  One single man alone encountering God’s design in himself and all of nature!  It is not good that man should be alone!  Ah ha from one man came the second a female.  Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.  Company at last!  They were destined to before a trinity.  One man, one woman plus one God with the power to instill the spirit of a soul that formed the definition of marriage united to the spirit – the single source of unity = a trinity – each of gift necessary for new life.  No other combination satisfies the spirit of the soul within.

The War In the Beginning Still Today

Any other combination is laced with dismemberment, confusion, self appointment in direct conflict with Truth!

Yes the War rages within humanity which seeks to overthrow the creation of God’s designMan claim’s ownership of the tree in the garden and quickly loses innocence!

Hidden within the Body

Man has an awareness of self” – conscientious – hidden in the spirit /soul of the man’s body the hidden image of God within!  Only man can cultivate the earth and discover the purpose of body and soul.  This process when it reaches maturity is referred to in human behavior as self actualizationtrue human dignity is found in the process of work!  the process of work entail the use of gifts and talents which when used one discovers the “pursuit of happiness” which is never ends.   This discovery is equivalent to the the “Breath of Life” and being born again.

The Original Breath of Life Faces Death

In the Beginning God blew into the nostrils of man the breath of life!  Yet in waiting the forbidden fruit takes on greater meaning between Life, death and the hope of immorality.

In summary an analogy of the raw material used to make bread and wine define the process of man discovering self!  A grain of wheat must be crushed and broken in the process of becoming the unity of flour that gives birth to bread by being heated.  Food for the body and soul.  Grapes as well must be crushed and broken to release the juice necessary in the process of making wine.  In both cases each individual – the essence of each must die to give birth, merged into a necessary unity, a oneness of being, necessary for the birth of a new wine.  In both cases one must wait as the process of creation unfolds.

It is the process of suffering that opens the door necessary for man to begin to search and to use reason to discover the Truth that can set man free and discover the lost sense of innocence!

Nature, Natural Law, Reason – Lessons Speak

As with natural law and nature each generation must wait for an encounter with being crushed and broken as the necessary birth pains to encounter the birth of new life!

Only man can come to understand – he must begin to cultivate and subdue himself for this birth of the communion of unity with the spirit to occur within persons both male and female.

Truth Buried along the Journey to New Life:

Man created in the image of God in the beginning.  Communion, the Body and Blood of Christ sent to teach through suffering speaking and dying to open the doorway to the discovery of new life more abundant!

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