Patron Saint and God’s Armor:

Been praying a very very very very long time: Took me awhile to find myself. Spent a great deal of time doubting myself!

Turned to Saint Joseph Father of Jesus:

Turned to St. Joseph some time ago. My patron Saint for Confirmation 4th grade 1953!  Wondered at times if St. Joseph was doing his job as my patron Saint?

Stand your ground – do not doubt!

Put on God’s Armor:

Ephesians 6: 10-18. Yea still wearing the same belt. Have a two edged sword cuts both ways! Truth is still the Truth! Found book in my house – Saint Joseph – consecrate yourself to Saint Joseph! 33 days the process! I wonder who can follow? Some do not want to hear the Truth! Come follow me is the call that lead me through the valley! One could use that armor on such a trip!

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