Chicken Houses – Gender Truth:

Years ago an old farmer built 3 chicken houses with an outside pen attached to each. Yes, the old Farmer wanted to teach his modern world children a lesson in TRUTH.

In one house, the farmer put all roosters. In the second house, the farmer put all hens. And in the third house, he put both roosters and hens.

Now the farmer’s children were being schooled in left-leaning schools, so he decided he could teach his children a real life lesson in Truth. He told his young, athletic son and his buddies could eat all the eggs that came from the rooster house. Then, the farmer told his daughter and her girl friends that they could eat all the young chickens that hatched in the hen house but not the eggs (you know, so the eggs could hatch).

To drive home his point further, the farmer stopped stocking the rooster and hen houses with new chickens. So what do you think will happen in those two houses? – Hmm the truth? What happened to the roosters in the rooster house and the hens in the hen house?

Many months and a few years passed as his children grew older. The Farmers asked his son, “Why is the rooster house now empty? What possibly could have gone wrong?” And to his daughter he asked, “Why is the hen house also empty? What could have possibly gone wrong there – we know they laid plenty of eggs?”

Thankfully the 3rd chicken house was still going strong producing eggs and plenty of chickens for the family and friends to eat. Imagine that in 2022!

Anyone WOKE up yet?

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