Christmas 2014

December 25, 2014

We gather this Christmas day in a nation proud to be known as the land of the free and the braveYet spiritually we have become a nation bitterly divided. We have become a nation where our national leaders regularly abuse the meaning of words.  Whenever I hear someone say, let me be clear, I suspect the words that will follow may be intended to confuse.  When I hear someone say they will be transparent, I know they may intend to misrepresent the truth.

Then when confronted with the truth, the truth seekers are attacked and marginalized.  Freedom of speech, religion and the right to life are being attacked with the intention of being removedThe modern world now speaks in ways to confuse and divideThe great divider of humanity wants to gain the upper hand and each year renews his attacks against the only source it cannot defeatthe light of truth that comes into the world each year during the darkest night Christmas.

We should know from the very beginning; humans were tempted by the great deceiver to take ownership of the tree in the garden and play God.  This original spiritual attack known as original sin cannot be ignored by humankind.  As a result, then great temper demands forever again to be recognized expecting the fallen nature of man to comply.

Yet it is the promise of the Light that comes into the world on the darkest and longest night.  To remind us each year the corner stone rejected by a man rejected and crucified, dying  only to be raised up destroying death.

In the very beginning humanity lost possession of the good:

In the very beginning humanity had lost possession of the good; and thus, it was necessary for the Son of God, to come into the world as a baby and later to suffer for our sin, taken up and given back to us.  Just as the darkness closed in, it was necessary for the light to come; to fulfill scripture setting captives free. Humanity awaited this Savior, prisoners and slaves in need of a liberator.

Are these things minor or insignificant?  Did Love not move God to send His Son to descend to earth in human form and visit while humanity was in a miserable and unhappy a state opening the doorway referred to as the eye of the needle!

Am I in trouble?

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