Time = Treasure – Give it Away:

Went to prison today. It has become a routine event for me. I always wonder what do I have to offer?

Can’t take my cell phone or wallet or keys and such into prison. Pretty much all I have is me and this spirit hiding in a small piece of bread and somehow talks to me. Real presence is really real!

Time: A gift: A Treasure:

Yep! All I can say is I have something for you and that I believe! Hope and grace are transmitted without speaking a word! Love is communicated in the gift of time!

Finding Truth is Hard Work – Tools are Needed:

Truth is found when a search begins in earnest to find the depths of ones soul! It hides itself from automatic detection – one needs a pick, ax and shovel to dig into the muddy mess below the surface!

What News Media Do we Look for Truth?

A thirsty soul can detect the smell of water hidden below the misleading chaos of the earth. And when one finds it they will roll for joy in the mud of freedom found in the truth! And amazingly they will be ready to die as they proclaim that truth! So what News Media do you think I depend upon to help me find truth???

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