Thanks Uncle Butch!

When I think of a veteran I remember my uncle Butch. World War II ran 3 tanks that were destroyed and his partner in each tank killed. 3 Purple Hearts but he wasn’t done. He then volunteered for reconnaissance missions behind the German lines. War is hell and he walked through hell so we could be free! When he returned home on a ship they kept those men off shore for two weeks before they stepped on American soil. They did this because when ones life is on the line 24-7 the fighting instinct grows stronger as you watch your buddies die along your side. Wisdom is a gift acquired when ones spirit is tested to the bottom of ones soul.

When we stand for the national anthem we testify to a Wisdom of sacrifice greater than ourselves that every American who wishes to acquire this Wisdom and willingness to die for his brother will gladly leap to his feet and stand tall. Thanks Uncle Butch wish I could have thanked you while you walked the face of this Nation.

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