The American Rule of Law and the Ten Commandments:

Rule of Law?  Say What!!

Did the 2020 Presidential Election in various States follow the Rule of Law as defined by the United States Constitution?  No and evidence will be reveled in Time. 

The Devout Basement Man:!!!

One candidate hide in the basement while the other hosted multitudes of supporters at rallies!!!  And we are to believe the candidate who a tracked an historic record legal votes???  Time for critical thinking to kick in followed by a thorough investigation Not so much!

UnMonitored Drop Boxes

Did some States amend the election process and open the flood gates to potential fraud by expanding rules which allowed unsolicited mail outs of absentee application forms? What controls, if any where used to validate to whom these unsolicited ballots where mailed, who received them, and ultimately verify the individual who submitted an absentee ballot was a legal registered resident.

Whose Watching the Watchers:????

These unsolicited applications where mailed to addresses in and out of Sate. A mature delivery and validation and verification system was hastily created with little time to evaluate fraud implications due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Just what really happened? Was the Rule of Law followed. Was the Pandemic used as an excuse to open wide the door to possible voter and systematic abuse. Just exactly what is the definition of Voter Harvesting and does it have the potential to disenfranchise voters who choose to vote in the designated walk in voter location?

Just Who Voted:???

Has the Mail In Absentee Application and Ballot system been used to undermine the normal process of the Rule of Law in the 2020 National and 2021 Run Off elections?

Spiritual War: Multiplication of Corruption Corruption Corruption:

Has corruption infiltrated the political electoral process??  Have we compromised the spirit of discernment required to form a conscience in regard to the Ten Commandments?  Just what happened and exactly who has been disenfranchised?

And where or where did the Corona Virus come from and just what was it our government doing in the Chinese biological lab???

Masks and Lock Downs – the Great Test of a Free People:

Corruption will be reveled in the days to come.  Masks and the Lock downs were exactly to wrong action to take.  Numbers fudging hit new highs!   No critical thinking allowed – ask Old Man Zuck!  Who does Zuck represent???  The beast??

To be continued?


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