Assimilation 2017

Do the American people understand what assimilation is? People came to the USA for what America is and not what they left behind.

Grand children pay attention please!

My grandparents came to the USA from Belgium before the turn of the 20th century. They settled in a Belgium settlement and spoke the native language. My father told me he and his brothers refused to speak that language though they could understand it. It was because they wanted to be Americans first. Many years later my father told me he regretted giving up his native tongue but never regretted his loyalty to his new country. Further he told me the Italians and Polish kids did the same though sometimes they clashed because that is what kids do.

American values were and still are christian/judeo values which guarantee the right to life which includes freedom of religion (WHICH MEANS WHAT ONE DOES OUTSIDE OF CHURCH) did not allow anyone to kill anyone for any reason except in self defense.

Secular progressives want to redefine assimilation and freedom of religion to be undermine christian/judeo values and limit religion strictly to what one does in church. They obviously do not like the original founding of America. Separation of church and state is a restriction on the government and not on the people.

Boy do we have problems with those who seek to confuse those who do not know the history of this nation.

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