Even Possible without the Tail

A message of Hope hidden in a journey home?!? One of the pigeons in last weeks 300 mile race made the trip home without it’s tail. Now the tail is what the bird uses to guide it so it can navigate and avoid the dangers encountered on the way home. So what was it that allowed this bird to not only make it home but finish in the top 20% and to finish in the $$?.

This well kept secret lives in the heart and the unseen spirit that is buried in the gift of DNA birthed the day mom and dad successfully copulated.

There is always hope, especially for those who have children lost in the storm of life. Trust they were not skipped! The spirit is there though perhaps buried deep within the chaos of a world looking everywhere else for directions to find the destination they were ultimately created to discover.

This hope was nailed to a cross, so the lost may one day open blinded eyes to find hope when suffering reconnects them to the spirit too often forgotten that lives within.

The world seeks to eliminate suffering with the death of the spirit and then prides itself on being more compassionate. The spirit forgives the world it’s vain glory and never ever gives up on the spirit of life freely given at the moment life begins. Look with Hope to the baby who offered His humanity so one day the lost and the blind might find their way home!

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