Secrets Buried in Every Soul

I took my pigeons to Forsyth, Ga today. 15 miles as the crow flies. It was the 6th day starting from 3 miles. The birds are getting the picture in more ways than one might think! When I let the tail gate down the birds were watching my next move like a hawk. A couple birds tried to fly through the wire of the crate. When I dropped the doors out they came in a rush! It was as if they were attacking the sky! There awareness and observation of their surrounds is far superior to that of man. The dash into the sky is designed to gain speed and altitude while surveying as they circle the sky for dangers ever present. A sense of urgency is communicated within the flock to lookout for hawks. Within minutes a slow weaving to and fro is begun as the DNA created at birth begins to detect the proper direction safety and home are located.

I drove as fast as I could and avoid detection myself. When I arrived thinking I had won the race only discover a bird already in the loft. Where are the rest? A sure sign Mr. or Mrs Hawk had intercepted them near home. A few minutes later the shadow of the flock passed within view. Yep they were home yet very aware of the dangers there! Again and again they passed over a little lower each pass. Where is that hawk with camouflage concealing?

Lessons in life nature provides to those with open eyes. A baby pigeon is born with survival instinct and knowledge of how to find the way home!

Now if we can just teach our children and grand children the secrets buried in every soul before they are born! We sure are slow of heart to observe gifts our creator planted in our DNA before we were born!

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