The Declaration of Independance and Fairness

Our president seems to have placed his primary job as president as a secondary function to his desire to be reelected.  He is talking to the nation about fairness!

Fairness is word that requires one to be objectively free of bias, neither favoring the rich or the poor.  Our president is on record as stating his belief that the private sector is an enemy from his perspective.  As such we must then be careful about how we interpret what he means by fairness and double check our own understanding.

Let us not become confused!  Our president has developed a new ART Form of language use that requires his use of prompters which enable him to use carefully selected terms and words the American public hearer can draw upon to imagine their own individual interpretation while the president’s real meaning is not truthfully revealed.

Abstract Words like hope and change have no real meaning when they stand alone.  Yet within every American strong individual beliefs and emotions centered around those words are triggered.  Yet what is the real Truth?   The words themselves carry automatic interpretations which create the opportunity for the speaker to hide his meaning while the hearer assumes agreement in the definition of the words that surround hope and change.

Do these words draw upon our founding fathers definitions or do they reveal a desire to transform this nation to something other than the principles and laws which rapidly elevated this nation to a super industrial nation which has stood as a light to all Nations reflecting the freedom and liberty achieved under the American dream.

Freedom of speech and religion are the corners stones of these principles.  Yet, in America today, the politically correct has placed these sacred rights in the direct line of fire.  Free speech and Christianity are being regularly attached using language which under any other conditions could be considered hate language.

We must begin to stretch our spirits and brains – we are being tested and measured!

Our Declaration of Independence tells us.  We have unalienable rights,.  They come from a higher authority than the president, congress or any government at any level.

Our Rights come from our Creator!

Is not Free Will a basic building block in the creation of humans created equally?  Does not the dignity of the human person demand the Free Will to chose?

Does Free Will inherently come with consequences of free choice?

Is fairness a right in the outcome of free will choices?

How do humans learn?  Do their choices result in reward or suffering?  Is there a meaning to suffering?  Do we offset consequences by forcefully taking from one who made wise sacrificial choices to eliminate or reduce the suffering of a fool?

One cannot find the fullness of the truth without a journey through suffering and freely surrendering ones spirit to the will of God wherein the truth stands ready to reveal itself!  Yet God does not demand belief or God would violate His law of Love which is built upon free will.  So for some a stumbling block may stand in the way of freely choosing to open ones mind, spirit and soul to the potential fullness of truth only found when ones searches and thirsts for the essence of our Creator God who waits for us to find His spirit

All men are created equal!  God the creator gave each human the same free will to chose good or bad.  The Creators basic question for humankind must have been – “I wonder what choices they will make.”

For every human the question is.  Will our choices be good, better or best?  Or will they be bad, worse or worst?  Freedom of will was granted by the creator of all to every individual.

So perhaps the presidents concept of fairness misses the mark of God’s truth?  Equality of results were not guaranteed by God.  God set humans free to chose and to deal with the consequences of their choices for a reason.  The creator wanted humans to encounter Truth in a way they would have the greatest potential to recognize and understand the depth and the fullness of Truth.  One beings to grasp and understands the concept of thirst when one wanders in the desert and becomes dehydrated.

From the beginning humankind struggled to understand the Creators plan.  From antiquity, God planted His natural law in the earth and placed it the hearts and spirit of humankind so they could not avoid it.  To further ampliphy the consequences of natural and Divine Law, He sent among humans oral and written stories of angles and prophets to amplify and communicate the pathway to the Truth where freedom and happiness live.

Holy Scripture contains the story of the spirit of the Creator speaking through human messengers.

So stubborn and obstinate of spirit was humanity that this Creator of all sent the Son of God to model for humanity the way to perfection, the truth and the fulfillment of the purpose for which every human is created.

This story of humans salvation clearly communicated the pathway to freedom and truth leads through the doorway of human freewill to seek, search and discern the purpose for which each of us were created.

To be continued ……


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