War on Mom’s by the Left – Objective to Kill Father God – Why?

We should know god is spirit and as such god could be mother as well as father.  The reason the name father has been used more often is due to the survival of humans throughout history.  So when one destroys mom or dad they unconsciously seek to destroy both and marriage as well!

The recent notoriety concerning Ann Romey’s being a stay at home mom and therefore she has and knows nothing about the nations economy has been in the headlines.

The Secular Progressive Agenda to Destroy God

So lets use some independent brain power or are so gullible we have none of our own!

Lets see;

She is now wealthy so obviously a wealthy stay at home mom can not possibly have any comprehension or opinion of the economy!

The fact she and her husband were not wealthy when they started out – lets discount that reality!  She raised five boys – well they are not girls so she could not have been exposed to the economy all these years!

She has traveled extensively over the past six years while her husband has campaigned for the nomination of the Republican Party Presidential candidate.  Obviously they never spoke to one another about the problems of our nation and if she did her husband surely had to discount her opinions.  Marriages that last as long as theirs couldn’t possibly have developed effective communications and respect for the spouses ideas and opinions.

Being a stay at home mom one loses the capability of really paying attention to what her husband thought or had to say.  Her hearing must have been severely impaired as she was exposed to all the men and especially women she encountered on the campaign trail!

She had to have no empathy or perhaps not even a soul for she could not hear the cry of concern for the direction the country is heading and the enormous dept the current administration is placing upon her children and grand children.  Obviously since she is wealthy she cares little for the future for her children and grand children.

Stay at Home Mom’s make Women Look into the Truth Mirror!

When one does not like the reflection in the mirror of truth the reaction is to discredit, attack and marginalize the offending reflection rather than confront thew truth!  The mirror is the voice of god speaking to the heart of the one looking into the mirror.  As such the attack seeks to declare god null and void!

As a grandpa who has been married 46 years – I just cannot swallow this criticism without recognizing it is indirect attack which represents a deep seeded attitude of one who can not stand the comparison between good, better and best.  It is the voice of one who must take down others whose ideals they themselves are unable and unwilling to emulate.  It is the voice of one who knows they themselves can not stand to look into the mirror of truth.

The attack on stay at home moms is equally an attack on the cultural relationship which reflects the most positive of family, marriage and the role faith plays in life.  Marginalize mom and one marginalizes dad, the father and a god who speaks from antiquity about the importance of taking care of the widow, orphan and stranger.  Well who is it, that is supposed to take care of them?  Could it be men and women who form healthy families united through marriage.

Secular progressive seek to eliminate all judgement to remove the reality of sin, guilt and evil!  It is mission impossible because the mirror of truth is greater than humankind and therefore can not be destroyed.  The truth is the only pathway to freedom and liberty – why oh why has humanity attempted to run from this truth throughout history – simply put humans just can’t resist the temptation to play God!



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