Proclaim the Image of the High Ground then Stoop to the Underground

Civility = Listen Listen Listen

Recognize modern man is using technology to bombard folks with the “IMAGES OF” in hopes most folks will be fooled into believing the image is more real than the truth!  This truth is ancient – “Do what I say” and but please please don’t pay attention to my head fake, what I mean or what I do!

An open discerning heart will listen both human and spiritual ears and the door to the heart of the image will be opened to the light of truth!  Be observant of what is said!   The truth is reveled by comparing the images projected against what is said one day and how it matches up with the image projected!  An open heart will soon learn the true character of the speaker and the image projected!

One unwilling or unable to observe will soon find themselves fooled by a false image of truth which serves to camouflage lie that serve to advance an agenda that otherwise could not stand the light day.  Soon such a fool with happily embrace the shackles and chains  of slavery without a whimper.

The USA is on it’s way to bondage and slavery unaware selfishness is the impediment and stumbling block that serves as a sleeping pill!

Wake up America the Land of the Brave and the Free.  Bravery and Freedom require an observent and listening people who are on guard against images of deceptions and lies that promise hope when in actuality are shackles and chains to the soul of true liberty and justice!

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