To Garrett

My first born grandson!  The apple your daddy’s eye!  Sorry son but your outnumbered 4-1 and I can’t help you much.  I gotta believe God wants you to learn a lot more about women than I know – it’s simple – he surrounded you with them and you can’t escape.

Maybe that’s why you like older women huh?  Can’t forget the reason you gave for liking your sisters good looken friends.  “I can’t help myself – I just do”!  I suspect that’s the Best answer I’ll ever hear!

In spite of your older women tendencies, God gave you many manly instincts.  When you where a little tyke, just able to walk – your sisters would walk through the garage directly into our house.  But not you, you would have to check out the guys stuff in the garage on the way in and getting dirty was part of the job.

But your real manly man talents shined the day your dad took you fishing on his boat when you were still a tyke.  No napping for me daddy!  I couldn’t believe you didn’t take a nap!  You were there to enjoy the outdoors and fish all day long!  Let me catch em and take em off the hook.  And just show you how much promise I have – I’ll kiss the fish too.  And let me handle those worms.  Well it’s true little boys and dirt go together naturally!

God must have sent you through an energy field on your way to delivery.  You give the energizer bunny a run for the money!

Well there is an exception – the first time I took you deer hunting – 6 Am in the morning and it was really dark.  We walked over to a food plot and sat in a blind about an hour   before sunrise.  You put your head down on my knee wand went fast asleep.  About 15 minutes before sunrise you woke you took one look around.  No deer, let’s go back to the cabin paw paw.  God was good to us that day.  On our way back, across the lake was a fawn eating acorns under an oak tree.  Yes it was a successful hunt we had together.

I love you son.

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