Millie and a Small Miracle

A Small Miracle

Wanna hear about a small miracle?  Another sign God exists!  I have been visiting with Millie, a very pleasant soul, who is in a nursing home for more than two years.  Millie has a form of Alzheimer’s.  Every time I would visit with Millie we would celebrate a Catholic communion service.  Before we stated I would always ask her if she knew who I was so I knew if I needed to tell her why I was there.  Her answer was always – “I don’t know – who are you!”

Every time I visited Millie I was born again a brand new man in her world!  Yet  when we began the prayers Millie knew every prayer by heart.

So what about the miracle — well due to my open heart surgery and recovery I did not visit Millie for almost 4 months.  Yesterday after a 4 month absence I asked Millie if she knew who I was?  Millie said sure “your the Deacon”!

Thank you Lord for, Tim Tebow (316) isn’t the only person the Good Lord speaks through to those who have spiritual ears and eyes!

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