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The Declaration of Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

If the weak, the poor, those unable to speak are not protected, then all mean are not created equal!  The first among these rights is life.  If life is not sacred, then nothing that follows is sacred!  If life is not protected, nothing else will be protected.

 What is the Truth?  Do we seek the truth?  Our creator told us the “truth will set us free”!   

What we demand or compromise on we get.  Is there such a thing as sin?  Is sin selfishness?  Is selfishness wanting to play God at someone else’s expense?  Has a new level of individual selfishness invaded our land and every sector of American society. 

In the 1960’s when I was kid, society began in earnest to take God and prayer out of school.  Not that they could, but that people of faith stopped spiritually prayer and assisted in the creation of a vacuum which began to be filled with idols of the world!. 

In the 1960’s abortion simultaneously stepped into this spiritual vacuum.  Judicial activism and the right to life for the unborn was sacrificed at the altar of an idol that destroys life.  Again Christians in society took their spiritual eyes off the consequences of accepting a lie as the truth and not putting up meaningful fuss.  Self replaced spirit!

People of the Christian faith just stuck thier heads in the sand and did not digest the seriousness of the waging war between the flesh and spirit.  When the life of the most innocent is no longer sacred, it follows life itself is diminished and no longer sacred and with it nothing else is sacred.

The Book of Genesis was written so long ago, it is ancient ancient history.  But if we look around our day, the garden of Eden battle rages on.  Secular progressive humanism is the new name of the flesh’s god.  And the war to knock the Almighty, one true God off the block is for real.

With the removal of prayer from school we accepted the removal of the symbol of God – the Father figure from our schools.  The battle to destroy the father in all forms accelerated.  What is taking place is schools today would have never been tolerated or dreamed of in the 1960’s.  The adult supervision in our schools are shaking in fear of retribution from the secular progressives.

Abortion laws granted the choice and right to the female alone.  The father, parents, family were caste out of the garden and the female left alone to confront the snake.  The spiritual “From the beginning” the creation of life was ignored. 

“From the beginning” – how lone ago was that? Does anyone remember God created them male and female to become one flesh.  Abortion struck a death blow to not only the unborn child but the father as well.  God was defeated  The father was destroyed and the female was p[laced upon the pedestal of the creation of life alone.  The female became God in the eyes of the secular progressive.

Think about it!  A young girl is protected by the government to make the decision to have an abortion and her parents have no rights!  Yet the same girl can not take an aspirin without her parents consent!  Have we gone brain dead? 

What has happened to “Marriage is between a male and a female and the two become one flesh (one spirit).

Hollywood serves as the hierarchy of the secular progressive church.  There is no longer a single TV show where whole family is depicted with a healthy respected father figure.  Think that is an accident?  For the god of the flesh to win this battle, the father figure must be kept pinned to the ground and kept from rising.
Today, the Christian Church’s are under continual attack.  Especially the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope.  After all the Roman Catholic Pontiff is the top spiritual Father figure recognized in the world.  The secular progressives must destroy the pope.

Unfortunately, the human failure of the catholic clergy, many Bishops were guilty of protecting the hierarchical order rather than the children and the whole church.  The sin of the fathers of the church is still being used to attack and hold the father figure down even when we now know the incidence of child molestation was far less in the catholic church than in the rest of society.

Where ever God is under attack. the father figure and symbol in every form is to be ripped apart.  God created them male and female to become one flesh and spirit – undivided.  Abortion is a tool of the evil one to divide and conquer.  Abortion doesn’t just end the life of the unborn it threw division and strife into the purpose of marriage and the unity of the church while it attacked the God created the spirit of unity!  Abortion undermines the Declaration of Independence – which it’s founding building block principles which made this nation the greatest in the history of the world.

To be continued …..

With abortion the female replaced God and stands alone with the decision of human life!

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