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Seeking the Spirit of Truth!

This Blog was created to record an ongoing, open dialogue and commentary concerning the events of today as they unfold.  It will focus on events as they relate to seeking and finding the truth.

The Ancient Story of the First battle

It accepts as a reality the existence of an ongoing “Spiritual War” between the indwelling of the spirit within the human creature and the human creatures free will (i.e. the war betwwen the Spirit and the Flesh).  It uses and reflects upon the ancient Story in the Book of Genesis as the basis of the Spirit of God communicating to humans from the very the beginning the existence of this ancient war.

Humanities Free Will wants to Play God

Simply put, it accepts as a reality from the very beginning God created humans with both a soul and free will.   Humans are created in the image of God while being confined to a human body grounded in water and the earth.

Gods purposely set us humans up for this confrontation.  It was not by accident or chance!  It surely added tension to all of human history even as it unfolds before us today.  During the journey here on earth, we human’s will be tempted to seek equality with God and yet by our human nature are mortally limited.

To be tempted is by God’s design!  It is a test to see what we will ultimately chose, who or what we will serve and should prove to the sceptic humans are mortal and need a higher authority to find what we call happiness and fulfilment of purpose!

The central question is — How will we mortal individuals handle the expected natural temptations that will come without question to seek equality with God?

So how are you doing???  And who is your God??

To be continued ….

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