Hidden in the Prison Story:

I never know what I will encounter or learn when I visit the prison. 5:30 nobody shows, 6:30 nobody shows, Well Lord why am I here today? I guess I am here so you can teach me to wait and wonder why am I here? Some special am I with no one to share and fewer who care! So what is it you have for me today? 7:10 PM and arrive 2 inmates I have never seen before. One so nervous he couldn’t sit still! The other stumbled all over his words. Are you Catholic I asked? Maybe, said the stumbler, but I don’t remember much, I have done so many drugs! So I asked and listened! What are looking for? Words jumping out of a frying pan I began to discern he was looking and searching to find in a mixed up puzzle who the heck am I? So many gather in big groups in religion but are unable to get answers calling from within the scrambled mess life, drugs and people, especially those who profess faith yet unreachable from the whirlwind holding the mind captive! A fried brain cannot stop the spirit within from crying out – who am I, why am I here, and what am I searching for? The image of God, no matter the darkness surrounding cries out as it seeks to be reunited with the source of it’s creation! The nervous one could not stop wondering around as in a search for a place to rest! Lord Have Mercy – who am I to even hope somehow I penetrate a darkness consuming those who seek escape, freedom, and find a purpose formed while traveling through the fire which seeks to extinguish the flame of life more abundant! Hidden in this story is the hope hidden in your soul with the saving power of love as you wait for the opportunity to set love free to heal wounds unseen!

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