Prison Visit – Who Shows Up?

Well yesterday wasn’t finished with me! I mustered enough discipline to force myself to go to prison like I am actually committed to do!?! You just never know who you might encounter there? Two inmates – new to me show up!


You Catholic – nope – just came to discover! Discover what? What you looking for? For some reason Jesus Christ and suffering came up and the possibility that talent and giftedness are discovered through suffering! One young man said he found he was gifted! After a couple questions he reveled he was an orphan – a foster child moved from family to family. He said he learned to carefully observe = pay close attention to the people around him! God gives us all a soul with automatic survival instincts. Many don’t recognize our nature – we just adjust – sometimes it’s healthy – sometimes not so much!

Modern man is so occupied with selfie stuff – observation is replaced by technology that distracts ones focus from reality to unreal imagery.
So how does one find oneself? Well this orphan moved again and again discovered his survival instincts and began to pay attention. The wounds of suffering penetrate the soul causing one to search for answers hidden deep in a valley of tears where suffering leads a soul! I learned to pay close attention said the young and it is a gift!

The story of the cross if only we have the wisdom to carry the gift hidden!

Modern Man as Non-Bianry:

But modern man seeks to eliminate suffering with a pursuit and promise of a image that only covers the surface of a soul! Observation – is our world being turned upside down with the pursuit of replacing God’s design with modern man’s non-binary image as in just who can now recreate himself into what?

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