Where do I find Church?

My church’s name is the “AL Burruss Correctional Institute”! I know, I know I never heard of a church with such a name! But think about it!!! It’s place that causes it’s residence to do some serious soul searching. They find themselves suffering in many ways and anger often lives very close to the surface. Each is guilty of some sin they can’t hide from and over time forces each inmate to begin searching to confront the unhappy soul that lives within. It’s a church for the lost, forsaken, guilty and everyone there traveling a similar road with pit falls, trickery, and encountering others who maybe more skilled at manipulating a brother. One could conclude many find themselves abandoned by friends and family.

I found myself walking among people often forgotten even thinking of themselves as throw away people.

God tricked me into going there to experience how it feels to be thrown away myself. What I found is the thirst for hope that can be passed through the breath of unspoken words to those thought to be unqualified souls who in turn begin to open windows to their souls which allow hope to wash over them and it begins to radiate out and within the walls of the prison.

If you were able to hang in here with me – there’s a really good chance you can help a soul who has been thrown away by opening your windows to let the breath of hope pass through you and on out to penetrate self constructed prison walls and possibly never speak a word! It’s a gift from a baby!

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