The Promise of Baby Boy

The spirit of the mind doesn’t stop working. 2 Kings 4:8 was the 1st reading for Sunday July 2, 2017 – today – I shared before I ever asked the inmates last Thursday what they wanted to pray for.

Now I know God set me up! Elisha encountered a woman of influence.

She invited him and recognized he was a holy man so she had a room setup so he would have a place to stay on his many returns.

Elisha recognized the gift and wanted to give her a gift. How many of us would think of something besides things or stuff? She has no son Elisha was told. He promised “This time next year you will be fondling a baby son!

How many today would say – I wish you a new born baby?

The gift of new life – the gift to create new life – the gift to nurture new life – the gift of giving self to the new life treasure that takes years to unfold – to find one self – one gives one self away and in the process creates new life possibilities beyond expectations.

Should I die and go away? What treasure can I leave behind that can open doors to new life even in the midst of a spiritual darkness and a war man seeks to control life in every way!

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