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Visiting Prison

Went prison on Friday. Arrived inside prison at 09:30 AM. Guard announces Catholic Service building ##! No one shows up! Sitting in chair by a large glass window looking out into prison yard with multiple walkways. Individual inmates keep checking in – reporting for a multitude of reasons. So what would you do?

Man Oh man don’t I have a lot of things to do?

Well I have been doing this for a few years! Most days I just tell the Lord I have a lot of things I would rather do! Through the years I finally learned the lesson I surrender – I was sent to learn!! OK Lord -,just what is it you have in mind for me today???? Should I stay or should I go? If someone had come I would surely stay!!

Just sitting quietly in silence: No talk-en! Non Verbal!

So I just sat, watched and prayed funny prayers – like – so what you trying to teach me today Lord? I look up at the clock – 11:00 AM. Then I zone out! – haha – day dreaming – next thing I know I look up and there stands the inmate I came to see! He tells me I didn’t know you were here. I have a court appointment I have to make – (in prison video zoom court) appearance. In the blink of an eye he’s gone!

Just watching behavior in the Yard – Guide Dog Training:

Been watching inmates training guide dogs! Did you know they do that? After a while one of them brings his dog into the building I am sitting. Walks up hall and comes back. Stands at door looking down hall. Then he asks me! Hey are you a priest? Oh shucks – I forgot I was wearing a black shirt with a white Roman collar! I realized my presence was talking while I was silent. Non verbal communications is working all the time. Careful what you do cause people are reading your message all the time. So respond – no I am a deacon but want you to know I will be coming every Friday at 09:30 AM. Are you Catholic? The guys says yes and I have been waiting for you! I will be there next Friday!

The Spirit of God is working full time – yet

Did you know dog spelled backwards spells God? Not just any dog but a guide dog! What do you have in mind for me today Lord comes to mind! I am just sitting there waiting, doing nothing and the spirit that has many hiding places is working in ways we can seldom see. Was I being productive I ask??? Well before can I stop thinking about the dog inmate – the first guys shows up again and the prison guard (human) opens the library so we can pray!

A Room Full of Books – Full of Words – Just patiently Waiting:

Do you know a library is room full of books full of words just waiting around for someone to pick them up so just maybe the spirit hiding the words can be set free to reveal a message spirit hidden within? The first inmate shares a little about his court date. Still on track for a release date March 1, 2022. He will have been 34 years incarcerated by then. He tells me he is afraid of freedom! And he shares he hates the word discipline! Oh boy I am in trouble! I had just told him the word discipline meaning is love! Wow are we on different pages! I ask him what did it take for Jesus to go to Jerusalem where he knew they would crucify him! What did he exercise? And I asked him to consider it’s not the word – one must search the spiritual meaning of the word is hidden in the spirit of the word! Jesus didn’t have to go to Jerusalem and he could perform miracles! So why did he not rebel! Ahh ha! Maybe He wanted to teach us the secret hidden in discipline is communicated through an act of love – to do what he didn’t have to!

Could this be for you and me?

For each of you and me! The inmate told me he would reflect and pray about the word disciple! You know while I was in prison I didn’t suffer crucifixion! I just sat waiting and the spirit hidden in the wait was working the whole time!