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Tooth Fairy

Yesterday I had a tooth extracted – fancy word for yanked out!!!!!! Lifting dumbbells gives one the strength to pull hard. Big Boys don’t cry right!! I was told to take some pain medication before the pain took hold. So I did! It made me talk and think goofy! Ask my wife. Here’s some food for thought!

Well I didn’t run to a special safe zone reserved for the alleged sensitive feminist nature of men – are you kidding me? Fear of a micro aggression no one can see! Just who is that self declared wise man who defines a micro aggression? My fathers wood shed is still available where real lessons in life can be taught!

Just what spirit has invaded our land that seeks to dismantle the nature of real men and women willing to stand up for the truth? And just how silly is it to admit one is afraid of a micro aggression that apparently is so small it can not be seen in a world where real evil is cutting the heads off of real courageous men and real woman willing to die for their faith in a God who came to testify to the truth to a world full of people so fearful of losing power they had to invent a micro aggression as an excuse to continue to kill His spirit today!

Yep truth is, even Big boys cry over real evil and stand in awe of real men and real women who have the courage to give ones life that we all might be free to hear the truth!

Has America the land of the free and the brave forgotten Jesus told the world the truth will set us free? Goofy right!