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Nature – Teacher – Teenagers

Sitting uphill from my Lake – evening 7:15 PM sun shining somewhere behind me – you know the sun is always shinning somewhere! All we have to do is believe! So today I was with teenagers who had all kinds of questions about free Will, determinism, heaven and hell! It’s getting worse folks – the War no one talks about! Yes what we need is sixteen year olds giving us old folks hell – well they have the internet and other bright young friends! Anyone awake? We are losing the battle to teach conscience, sin, consequences, rationalization, and perhaps as importance observation – nature works without man’s help – the sun comes up every day without man’s help! Beauty surrounds us – yes even the treasure each teenager is! This picture is an expression of – Pure beauty – if only we take the moment to let it soak in! Yep God loves you just like you are and least I forget God planted a gift within to give away! So what do you say – let’s teach a teenager the beauty that surrounds!

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