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Anger – Cultures Stealth Disease:

Forgiveness: the most difficult thing for humans to do! If we can forgive the most grievous offenses we have indeed stepped to new level! Riot’s, burning, looting, injury and yes death! Lord Have Mercy! Well isn’t that why we say those words? We need God’s help to do it!

Anger can be seen around the nation! What can I possibly do? Our nation is broken and bent on all sorts of agenda’s! Punishment for sins because of the color of ones skin! Yikes! No one asks today where are mom and dad of all these young people of every skin color! Where does this anger originate?

Babies aren’t angry! They need to be nurtured, held, hugged, feed spiritually and physically! There really is Truth! Parents are the first teachers and best teachers of their children! When did we forget? Yes we have!

Whose is teaching modern day kids? I walk through a room of angry young juveniles (kids) when I visit prison. The old inmates tell me why they are so angry! And the old inmates don’t want them in their dorms because someone may get killed!

Why is it we do not have leaders who have eyes to see and ears to hear the cries coming from so many young people and the courage to speak? Why isn’t the issue of father and mother the highest issue in our modern day hi tech world?

No rather our political and Silly Con leaders want to BAN Father, Mother, Wife, Husband, Boy, Girl as outlawed words on capital hill!!!!

Its’ a War against God’s Design:

Does anyone remember the Story of Adam and Eve in Garden? The first teachers and the best teachers assassinated in the land of the free and the brave!

And we wonder why our young folks are angry. Our political leaders want to kill the influence of mom and dad. Whose going to walk into the anger being played out in the streets? Won’t be a governor, or mayor, or council person! The building block for civilization is the family = mom, dad, mother, father, male, female, marriage the original source of boys and girls

And where is greatest treasure hidden in our modern hi tech world? Yep!!! Grandparents, Granny, Grand Pa, papa, meme, every family has a favorite title! You know – granny and grandpa you are our most most MVP’s!

Critical Thinking – Rationalization: the End Justifies the Means::: taught in 6th Grade!!!

Taught 6th graders today – Class on the 10 Commandments: When I was in sixth I was too! The nun who taught was my most unfavorite teacher! Somehow she managed to teach me about “rationalization” and the “ End Justifies the means”.

Boy oh boy did I dislike that old nun!!!

About 10 years ago I began to realize just how well I had been taught in ancient times!!!! She long ago passed away and I didn’t care. But now I better understand how grace works!

It reaches across time and gives you an embrace you would have avoided at ALL costs way back when! We are watching unfold in our time! Truth turned upside down by people who think they are smarter than that old old nun!!!

Anger – Young People??

We are told Rioters are peaceful as they burn and loot because it’s owed to them – somebody did something sometime logic!! 8 year or younger old kids can decide gender – what oh what happened to God’s design – a stressful nature driven puberty magical maturing period that last a lot longer than most think! Yep man can replace God and nature using just man’s brain! Rationalization at it’s finest!

Naw these kids are not human and have no soul we can abort them! The End (a broken mother and a murdered father can’t hurt us!).

In Prison so many Angry Young Men:

Come with me to prison and I will introduce you to angry young men! They don’t know it but they already know – life is not sacred – they will not be allowed to protect their children – they are a father destroyed twice! The girls won’t be upset – nothing to it!

Tell me againwho are those peaceful protestors who are looting, burning and confronting anyone with authority!

Oh yea – least I forget – someone murdered the father some where some time! Yep those are kids just the same kids I visit in prison and look how they use freedom!

Rationalization hmmm!

The End Justifies the means! Hmmm!

Great Teachers are Hard to Find

Dam, I had a great teacher in the sixth grade when I lacked the ability to know how God’s grace works! Critical thinking comes with the examination of conscientious in contrast to following the Ten Commandments.

Yep, I pray for her now to the only one who can occupy all time at the drop of a hat and tell her thanks I was just a kid and you were to me just an old lady I didn’t care for, who somehow managed to penetrate my soul!

Lord Have Mercy!