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The Disrupt er:

The great disrupt er is necessary to create the necessary mixture to convert toxic material into a breath of fresh air for new life.

Conversion – Toxic to New Life

My son installed a air pump system for our lake. It includes a pump on the shore line, a long hose that reaches to the middle of the lake, an anchor with air dispensers attached.

Whats it Take – A Disrupt er

The design of the air dispensers to to disrupt material laying on the bottom of the lake which accumulated over the years. What I didn’t know is the water at the bottom of the lake becomes toxic over time due to lack of movement or current at the bottom. Fish and other life that requires can not exist within this toxin.

Purification and Conversion

The process of purification requires the material be disrupted and floated to the surface where the air combined with sun light magically gradually converts the toxin into life supporting nutrients. Warning the process must be done incrementally to prevent contaminating the whole lake and killing all the life.

Toxins – Hidden Within

Nature provides interesting analogies for the human condition as well. We humans also have toxin laying below the surface we often do not address. A great analogy is the story of Jesus Christ. He came to testify to the Truth. He confronted within authorities of the church and states resistance to a reflection upon the Truth Jesus came to proclaim. As it were, poison existed within the human family during Jesus time. The human natural resistance was so strong Jesus the Truth proclaimed was crucified for testifying to the Truth which contained the potential spiritual life giving nutrients humankind desperately needed.

Jesus was a disrupt er!