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The New Golden Idol with All the Answers – Can’t Live without:

Taught teen age class two weeks ago Sunday! 1st Reading Exodus – Moses on the mountain getting the Ten Commandments and the Lord said – your people have become depraved – they were worshiping a golden idol! So I had the teens get out their cell phones, we all sat on the floor and held our phones just like you see every where! A praying posture with total focus on a non living thing – Oh Lord my god – you have all the answers, keep me entertained and consume my being, I am totally dependent upon you Oh my cell phone! I can not live without you – you are my world!

Well? Anyone awake? The new golden idol has control of our children! Anyone know where to find the Ten Commandments? Oh yea – the government outlawed them! Good and evil exist in the same place! Where oh where are we to look for the salvation of modern man?

What was that 1st Commandment again?