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Selfie Generation

Our nation seems to be being run over with intolerance. It seems to be exploding everywhere. We call it being PC (which can change from day to day). I have long suspected part of the reason is the advance and acceptance of new technology – smart phones, FB, E-Mail, Texting and many others. These are social media technologies that lack any real human interaction with another real person who we can touch and they us. i.e. our nations social people skills, especially those of our children are being undermined at an alarming rate by the ease of dealing with cyber space technology rather than an old fashioned encounter with real walking talking breathing people.

Check out our college campuses.

Social technology eliminates body language. People communicate 600 + times more through body language than they do with the words they use. Technology cancels out body language which places us all at risk. Body language tells us if someone is kidding, pulling our leg, pushing our buttons, playing with us, while emotions can not be hidden. By the time we are two, we already interpret body language without thinking. Body language tells us very quickly just how well our messages is being received and interpreted and allows us to make immediate adjustments.

In a way we have become so smart so fast with technology that we have left the humanity of the person in the middle of the busiest freeway unprotected and said good luck hope all ends well for you as you try to escape the collisions you are creating.

We are suffering from believing we are now so empowered, so smart and so sophisticated that we are running the risk of destroying the dignity of our own humanity and replacing it with intolerance for any ones opinion but our own.

This is the definition of the newest word = “selfie” – it is all about me for I have become God.

Wisdom suggests we take away your children’s technology (maybe our own) from time to time so we can be sure they have to deal with real people other than just selfie.

It is amazing – Even old people have fallen in love with selfie.

We were not brought into the world for selfie – we were brought into the world to give selfie away – it’s called love one another as I loved you (while you crucified me).