Gradualism – The Death of the Soul of the Republic

Are American Core Values Dying?

What do we mean when we say the words “American Values”, “the American Dream”, “Life”, “Liberty” and “the Pursuit of Happiness”, “Fairness”, Fair Share”?  Do we believe that these core concepts and principles where spelled out using  Christian – Judeo philosophy?  An ancient philosophy whose foundation is based upon the existence or a creator God from whom all rights originate?

Do we recognize erosion when as it occurs or does it take place so slow and low key we can easily be duped?  Do we recognize when untruth replaces truth just because so called powerful and educated people say an untruth is the truth?

The word “Gradualism” is very reflective of the erosion that has and is taking place in America during my life time and has accelerated with the advent of Mass Media technology supported by propaganda agents who seek to convince citizens wrong is right!

Gradualism seeks to break down individuals conscientious rendering the concepts of right and wrong, a lie and the truth, sin and as nebulous and no longer relevant.

We are in the midst of a great battle to define what the core values and principles of traditional American family, the definition of life, liberty, freedom, the pursuit of happiness!

Will the people of American allow the government to act as the sole source of our God given freedoms and help destroy the foundational guidelines

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