In the USA = the Culture of Death a Double Blow to the Future

This is supposed to be a nation of the people, for the people and by the people – another way of expressing self governess.  So if this is true then who has the power to change the course of the nation?

I am hearing more and more young people who want the government to to offset the cost of their individual decision in regard to student loans, home mortgages and credit/debit card debt.

Who do they think they are requiring to pay for their decisions?  Well of course they want someone else to be responsible for their decisions.  Many have been taken care of and have lived off their parents and have somehow come to the conclusion the government have unlimited access to money and hence should take up the role of parent!

It’s all about me!

Wow the mindset of those who think it’s the governments job to rescue them from themselves!  What the heck are they teaching in colleges these days?  Don’t young people know when they demand the government pay for their decisions the cost falls directly on the most responsible people to pay.  But the problem is bigger than that.  The amount of money being spent by the government exceeds the amount of money earned by it’s people.

Can anyone guess who will one day have to pay the debt?  Unborn children who have no voice – let them pay.

Could their be a problem we are overlooking with the unborn?  Oh yea, these same folks demanding the government pay are aborting their children which means their will fewer unborn who will one day be saddled with the debt.

The Culture of Death has Invaded the Land in ways none could dream of!

Good Luck future unborn – could be when they find out what the current generation did to them a revolution may occur!

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