Leadership “or” Not

Do we have any humor left at all?

Let’s imagine there is this huge corporation that is in the midst of it’s worst labor and financial crises.  Not only is the corporation in trouble but the people, whose lives depend upon the decisions of the corporate leadership, are scared and have become alarmed.

Now the CEO (a politically savvy person) has been telling the people for the last couple of years his priority is to address and resolve the financial labor crises.  “Let me makes this clear” is one of his routine statements made to the people – of course to assure them their great CEO leader has a handle on the problem and is on the job!

During the past two years, altough the CEO has supported unprecedented spending while running up the corporation debt, nothing the CEO has done has resulted in an improvement of the financial or labor crises.  In fact the future for the corproation as it was founded is in doubt and the crises looks worse.

Now to assure the people, the CEO provides them time and again images using prompters that the labor and financial crises is his highest priority.  Usually this done just before he participates in a golf and team game outing with his groupies.

The CEO does recognize the people have grown more skeptical and so to demonstrate his concern, the CEO announces a redoubling (a really interesting word that means nothing) the focus on solutions.  In fact the CEO will personally give the people an update on the new plan to resolve the current labor and financial crises.

In fact to demonstrate the serious nature of the crises the CEO will address the people immediately after he takes another long needed vacation!  And Oh by the way, at a luxury location most of the people could never afford to visit.  And Oh Oh Oh Oh, he doesn’t tell the people, he will be taking this expensive, lavish vacation at their expense.  After all the CEO position is the “Leader”!  Golf and recreational games for the CEO obviously are a high priority – the current labor and financial crises will just have to wait.

Oh Oh Oh Oh, I almost forgot and so did the CEO, to top things off, the CEO calls the Board of Directors to hold an immediate meeting so the CEO can address them with his plan.  And to add spice to the CEO’s demand to the Board of Directors, the CEO calls for the meeting to be held on the same date and time has long been planned for a Board of Directors debate of the corporations labor and financial crises situation and what kind of leadership was needed.  No savvy politician could let that opportunity slide!

Surely this will convince everyone this CEO is on top of things????  Yes????  The image of leading is everything????

Could it be the CEO who has had over two years to address the crises, granted every wish by the former Board of Directors, and say what – now the CEO needs a vacation, could it be the corporation, Board of Directors and the “peoples” worries are secondary????

Let’s see if we can articulate this circumstance!  If the CEO walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, leaves droppings like duck droppings, and the droppings taste like duck droppings one could conclude the CEO must be a duck!?!

TRANSLATION” = If it drops like shit, sounds like shit when it stops falling, has smells that permeate the air when it first hits the air like shit, yuch yuch and tastes like shit, – a reasonable person could probably figure out one is being fed a line of shit!

“Yes Mr. CEO let’s try and make this clear — bull shit is still bull shit – no matter how pretty words are you wrap around the shit – careful where you step Mr. CEO”!  Chances are increasing you will step in your own (*#*#)  cause you sure are able to manage spreading it around like one who continuously campaigning for the position of the first “American Idol”.

Imagine for a moment the effort the CEO is willing to put into feeding ones own ego!

How’s that saying go?

You can fool some of the people all of time.  You can some of the people all of the time.  But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Time’s up Mr. CEO, our sense of smell is overwhelming us and the stench you have created put us in a position where we must ask you to vacate the premises soon!!!!

Can anyone explain what the word “servant” means.  Then perhaps, by golly we will have an idea who would make for a good CEO replacement.





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