What Lies behind the Words Balance & Compromise

Should we compromise on the truth?  Do we balance slavery with freedom?  Do we compromise away our children’s future to bail our selves out the mess we made ourselves?

Has this nation lost all sense of discipline and the meaning of the word Budget?

Our nation is in the midst of a crises created by politicians and the people who elected them unable to say “No”.

Do we suppose in our thinking we should be searching for the truth in the subject matter where in these words are used?

To save themselves from the truth, our Politicians are beating various words to death.  Why are they doing that?  Could it be to create an image if being responsible when the facts suggest the opposite.  Could it be to lay blame at the feet of others while creating an an escape from accountability?

They seem to hide behind and love using ambiguous words like; balance, balance balance, and compromise, compromise, compromise.

Anybody awake?  Like somehow magically repeating those words enough times will cause people to want to drink their brand of coolaid?

Somebody must have pinched me awake, cause I no longer accept their words at face value but search to discern the agenda they are trying to hide by using those words.

Want Freedom and Liberty for ourselves and our children?

It is time for the people to exercise their right to restore constitutional balance to our nation.  In truth, the politicians are crying out for the people to save them from their lack of understanding the principles that made this nation great.

Elected officials who understood the concept of civil servants are the hope and change that can save this nation from self appointed elite rulers .

It’s time to restore servant as the descriptive word for politician.


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