Cloudy Day – ?? Kinetic War ??

Today is a cloudy day in so many ways!  The current United States administrations policy on Libya makes the day even more cloudy.  “Ambiguous” is certainly an appropriate word to describe this new no policy.

Kinetic Wart – make no mistake – words designed to justify ambiguity – anything without clear concise meaning!  Where are you Sister David, English composition, clear concise sentence???.

Muammar Gadafi of Libya is certainly a tyrant and worse a destructive human being and a leader willing to persecute his own people.   He is in urgent need of a significant emotional event which offers to the best opportunity for him to evaluate his moral compass and change his ways.

With this new policy this nation appears to be embarking upon a sliding scale criteria list that resides only in the executive branch of governments judgement and assessment based upon a moving scale of criteria and using words with limitless meaning to avoid actually being held  accountable?

We must begin asking ourselves — Is this a Republic or do we still believe in the principle of a balance of power?

Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us.

St. Joseph pray for us.

All Holy men and women pray for us!

Aren’t the people (whose consent is required) the last hope to restore the balance of power?

To be continued …..

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