A Cell Phone — Isn’t that a felony in Prison?!?

Called an inmate today who was transferred to the governor’s mansion where he has begun the process (work release program) in preparation to renter the world as a free man. I told him I was thankful for my time with him.

He has been in prison for years. He told me he was an angry man who often found himself in solitary confinement. Then one day he heard a voice calling and began to search for the source! The truth will set you free – and for this reason I came to testify to the truth spoke the voice!

Freedom in the modern world can be overwhelming. We free people seldom recognize the leap of faith and courage required to remain free.

He has been given a cell phone – a privilege we all take for granted and a felony for anyone who enters a prison. I am required to leave mine in my 🚗 every time I visit. Can you imagine the hope that cell phone represents! There really is hope for me and maybe next year I can walk free!

I have an extra kick in my step Thanksgiving this day.

So I ask what do we take for granted that we should give thanks for? Thank you Lord for leading me to a real encounter with the tears of hope you planted in every soul!!

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