Sexual Harrassment – This is gonna drive someone Nuts!

I was watching one of the “Lip Gloss” stations. If you don’t get the context of “Lip Gloss” ask a man who lived before the turn of the century. In amazement I listened to four women discuss sexual harassment dressed in very short skirts, tight dresses, some low cut and each wearing “Lip Gloss”. I guess the message is a woman can use body language that communicates to a man whose blood is still warm – I am sending signals to be sure men are thoroughly confused by the signals I send. To add insult to injury I can do this but you have to ask me if your response is welcome. I am sure we have miles to go to restore a proper balance of virtue. decency and chastity in the public arena. God created us with eyes to see, unchoosen instinct to react and a spiritual intellect to know our human nature.

So just when will we begin to discuss the breakdown between spiritual virtue and selling our sexuality for whatever purposes we ought to look at for both men, women and the culture we have encouraged to test our spirit!!! Who have we encouraged the most – the devil or our guarding angel? I think the devil is ahead on points!

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