Mercy and Justice a Marriage

Mercy and Justice – one can not exist without the other. They are a couple that require a balance and cannot be separated without taking the life of one or the other. Mercy and justice are the opposite ends of a scale, a pair, like a married couple of one man and one woman. The difference is what makes possible a proper balance. The creation of new life body and soul depend upon the hope of redemption which is only possible when mercy and justice are balanced. One can not exist without the other. Mercy and Justice a marriage.

Yet humanities fallen nature and weakness to sin leads many to seek self gratification and self glory which ignores God’s scaled design between mercy and justice resulting in the elevation of man to creator of self.

God’s wisdom created a scale to be balanced that humans cannot escape without running the risk of creating chaos, heart ache and a real mess! Will humanity turn to the spirit of the one who said these words? “Forgive them Father they know not what they do!” In those words lies the secret to humanity finding the pathway out of a self created darkness into the real possibility of hope! Mercy and justice resting on opposite ends of scale yet operating as a the power source of new life and spiritual health.

Can we overcome the magnetic field of the worlds selfie agenda to chose and worship self interest that seeks to isolate us as it strips away the prerequisite intimate balance that draws and holds mercy and justice woven together? The secret ingredient is the voice of truth which speaks even when there is no sound! Mercy and Justice a marriage.

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