Adventure Hot and Sweating for a Dream –> Listen

Yesterday’s adventure! It was hot – took corn out to feeders in woods – 50 lb bag – oh what fun – used to curl 50 lb in one hand – oh my I must be getting old walking through woods, stepping over logs, down the hill, up the hill – Feeder! Made it! Put down the bag, take off the lid, lift the bag – oh oh over head and pour! And this is just the first one, check the clock & battery , test- done! Onward to next station. Repeat grunt grunt, notice fallen tree with limbs blocking shooting lane! Get hand saw, cut cut cut, throw branches out of way, step over cut limbs and up my leg yellow jackets give me a greeting that remind me for the rest of the day – an ouch ouch breaks the silence in the woods followed immediately by run run knowing it’s not wise to look around for the greeter swam!

Am I sane?

Finally at a safe distance I pause to examine my sanity? Am I too old for this??? Then I remember why I am inclined to take this risk and will always be!! Unknowingly a grandson and son will venture out into this same woods on an adventure on a much much cooler day with high hopes they will encounter the dream dreamed this day! Yes I saw a nice buck – nice rack, pretty tall, foraging before my interruption.
The journey to the Already and the Not Yet only require an open spirit willing to take the necessary risk one may encounter bumps, bruises, and pain no one will ever know about!

I am gonna dream!

Yes a Father dreams a dream long before the dream begins to unfold! The pear trees were planted and now the limbs bending downward loaded with fruit! The persimmons are dropping and saw tooth oaks growing a harvest. The fields still need cutting, harrowing, fertilizer, planting followed by rain and sun.
The formula is nature’s brew and man must always wait and trust the magic of God’s design is not dependent upon the fickleness of man to recreate himself into something other than God’s original design!
I pray this day that every human encounter God’s design and learn to wait and trust God doesn’t make mistakes and God’s nature will lead humans to stumble all over themselves especially when they seek to redefine God’s design with a selfie design which one day will encounter yellow jackets to remind them his plan will win the day!

Turn yourself Off and Listen:

Yes Lord – so just what is it you have in mind for me today?
Oh Gosh Gospel for today! Make the better Choice! Turn your selfie off and Listen to Him speak!

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