A Weiner Idol = An Image of what is Not!

Climbing up on a pedestal is a very dangerous act.  The a massacred human ego and self pride are the greaser facilitators who provide an ever ready ladder for those who climb to the top of a pedestal.

Problem is — there is no graceful way down once one has crested the top.  I can testify to this truth and the reality the landing from the fall is gonna hurt deep down in that secret place where ones decisions are made!

It can make one mad as hell!  That’s why we call it a significant emotional event!

Not surprised — are you?  Anthony the Weiner is trying to escape from the image of who he really is!  What better way than to create an American Idol image of what he thinks people want to see!  In truth some folks can always be fooled but thank God not everyone can be fooled.

Serious and meaningful examination of self is hard work and it takes a lot of time to overcome values unexamined for thirty years or more.

Yet such an event offers blessings that last a lifetime and bring freedom — Remember – who was it that said – The Truth will set one Free?

For significant emotional event to work it’s magic requires one to walk through the valley of tears and there is no short cut.  We humans are most adaptive creatures – Anthony has learned well and perfected the behavior of a little professor who is skilled at redirecting accountability for self and escaping being held accountable for the truth.

Behavior Scientist teach us “Little Professor” behavior prevents the development or adult relationships and short circuits effective communications.

Will someone please tells the members of the congress, the senate and yes the president!

In Anthony’s case, this current significant event must eventually threaten him to the core of his being if he is to reap the opportunity for spiritual and human growth!  It is only when one has cause to openly and honestly stare, question and look into the mirror of self truth that the possibility of God Spirit of healing and forgiveness can begin work it’s magic.

Anthony has spent a life time creating this image he has of himself, which has been nurtured and supported by those in his own party.

The Unfolding story of a traveling Weiner trying to escape the fire — to be continued ……….

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