R & R — Are they Balanced?

R & R = Railroad – could be?

R & R Rest and Recovery – could be?

R & R Rest and Recreation – could be?

R & R Rights and Responsibilities in Balance – Oh no say it ain’t so!

The Truth requires a balance between one’s Right and Responsibilities!

Oh no not that truth word again!

America the land of the free and the brave!  The land of I have my rights and I am free to pursue my Rights!

What is this Rights must be balanced with Responsibilities crap?

What is this consti9tution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights and the Balance of Power?

Me not wanna be responsible – me wanna you be responsible and take care of me.  Me demand my rights!  Me wanna eat the little red hens cake cause me have my rights!

Anyone notice the Federal Government is our of control – no limits on spending cause me not wanna be responsible – me not wanna lose power and control over the people cause it’s all about me – I been working hard to create me elite politician class with no respo0nsibility – just rights to take the peoples money!

Time has come for a significant emotional event for the elite political class!  Time to go to the “Wood Shed” where Rights and Responsibility are balanced in the shape of a board made especially for butt whipping!


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