Elementary School Warfare

Ready to Stretch your brain!

Most haven’t noticed the war that has been taking place in our elementary schools for many generations.  Oh it started back in the sixties and it hasn’t let up.

Human Gut Level Values are Set at Age 11.

The reason for targeting elementary schools is based upon research that has shown we humans set our gut level values when we are around the age of 11 – generally when our children are in the 5th & 6th grades.  Once set these gut level values are not easy to bring to the surface and examine let alone choose to change them.

This is why choosing a school, knowing what is being taught and teaching children at home at an early and young age is so gosh darn important.

What are your children’s gut level values?  How do they match up with yours?

Imagine if you can for a moment.  Human gut level values are set when we are children around the time we turn 11.  For the rest of our lives we humans begin to view the world through the values we accepted when were 11 and do it without thought.

Now if someone could control and influence what is taught in elementary school one could gradually change a culture.

One would begin with school teachers, after all at age 11 they know everything in the eyes of a youngster.  Now teachers tend to join and support teachers unions.  One then could conclude a natural tendency would exist to support a left leaning social cultural point of view and would serve as an excellent targeting strategy to begin an effort to change cultural based and value based gut level values.

That is exactly what Bill Ayers and others Marxist leaning social agenda driven individuals began doing in the 1960’s.  They recognized the potential power available in the elementary school system combined with the natural tendency of the human creature to be developing almost automatically their gut level values which influence their outlook of the world for years to come.

This human characteristic to set gut level values carries with it the added difficulty for the individual to clearly and quickly recognise their own gut level values.  In fact, about the only way a human person can be made aware of gut level values to have them trespassed upon to the degree the individual gets pissed off sufficiently they begin to again earnest to search for the reason why they are so darn upset.  This is referred to and called a Significant Emotional Event!  It is the necessary upheaval that has the hidden potential to cause one to look at their gut level values for the very first time again.

Over the past several generations our American culture has turned dramatically away from religion in significant numbers.  Something has replaced religion for millions of American children.  A new gut level value set has been formed and we are dealing with it now.  What has replaced the teachings of Jesus Christ?  What has replaced the story of Love and Suffering and Forgiveness on a Cross?  What has replaced the social justice teachings of Jesus Christ?





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