Values – Uh? – By Two a Child must believe they are God

Values – we think when we use this word i.e. American Values, we are speaking of shared values.  Well this simply not the case.  Values is a word that triggers a positive indication of unity and agreement of thought when in fact could communicate a conflict as drastic as God versus the Devil and Good versus Evil.

Don’t let the word values fool you, especially when it is tied to another word like “Amercian”, “Family” or “Religious”.

Understanding how, when and where values are set and chosen is critical to discerning and grappling with the truth!  This is no place for the timid or those with a closed mind and heart!  Values is a word that lies in the essence of the meaning of life and death.

Unfortunately, many times the only way a human person can confront their own values is to encounter a significant emotional events of such magnitude they are left grappling and thirsting to discover the reason they have become so unhappy about a given set of circumstances.

Are you ready to go into the woods and try and cut down the impedimanets mother nature has placed in your path?

Want to understand how and why people possess specific political, religious and cultural values?

Where do our values come from?  When do we humans select our values.  How do we select our values?  And once chosen what does it take to change our value/s?

The human condition is an interesting and complex set of circumstances!  A child comes automatically equipped with both animal  and spiritual instincts.  An infant child doesn’t choose these instincts and has absolutely no control over where in this world it ends up.

There is an essential survival instinct every child is born with however!  What is it you say?  It is the built in desire and spirit of every child to survive no matter the circumstances the child arrives in! 

Without any conscious thought a child comes equipment with the knowledge of a behavior designed by it’s creator that will bring attention to itself.  A baby knows how and when to cry wiothout prompting!  When hungry a child cry’s.  When afraid a child cry’s.  When a child mess’s it’s pants the child cries.  When the child wants a human touch it cry’s.  When a child is sick it cries.  All of this activity requires no training or preparation.  The creator and mother nature prepared the child for this day from the day of conception.  

A unseen secondary inborn skill lurks in every child as their ability to perceive and encounter other humans develops.  A child comes equipped with the knowledge and ability to learn how to read body language.  In fact, this skill is so great, by the time a child is two years old the ability to read body langauge has been perfected to the point it has become an automatic function performed without thought or reflection.  In fact every human trusts this instinct to a point it will get them in trouble multiples times during their life.

Oh yea, we think we are that good at reading body langauge!  Ever heard “the spots on leper never change”.  Yep it comes from the belief we can read body lnagauge so well and an assumption the other person is like us and unbale to chnage what we think is their values.  Oh boy do we think we are great at this!  How could we be wrong?

Try and remeber a human is both anuimal and spiritual!  Which is in control?  Often times, especially while we are young, it is the animal instinct.  But the reality exists as we grow older we encounter failures where our ability to read body language fails us and we encounter some very upste people.  Some of those people we have come to love!  It is then we begin to search and seek understanding as to why we have caused hurt, anger, woundedness and even hostitlity from someone we trust and love!

It is when the spirit that dwells within begins to thrist and dig for the truth that we begin to grow beyond the limits of our animal instincts.   

To be continued …..

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