Gone to the Dogs

We have a dog.  This is our 6th dog that is not our dog.  These dogs just seem to sense that our home is their home and they act like they belong and my wife is supposed to feed them. I guess it isn’t hard to figure out. She opens the door and they come in.

Then they find a bed setup in the living room and another in the bed room. There is fresh water in the laundry room and food magically shows up there.

Brownie was brown and the neighbor left her behind so she moved in. “Little bit” was a hound who wouldn’t come close or let anyone pet him.  He discovered Brownie and we had beds outside made up depending on the direction of the sun. Winston our son’s dog jumped on a truck, took a ride and got lost. But my took him to the vet where they put a collar on and someone noticed him and called the vet.

Winston became my pal along with Irish. Now we have Baily a girl hound. She can’t hear but has amazing instincts. She observes my wife closely and now monitors the two of us more closely than my wife can do on her best days.  This dog can be dead to the world asleep and we move to another room and she soon follows – like what you two up to now?

I have to be careful because she is asleep monitoring me now!  Seems this dog is teaching us something about “God” dog spelled backwards, cause we can think we are getting away with something and the next thing we know there’s the dog asking what on earth are you doing?

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