Tricked into a Earth Ministry

Some people think I am retired! Walk my property line with me one day! Discovered the reason I purchased this land in 1994 is so the Good Lord could teach me to be a tree farmer and how to manage land for wild life. And how to be observant of God’s creation.

Some folks might think this is a horrible thing to do but managing trees for harvest is one of the best land management practices which includes burning the forest floor every few years.

This is the way to keep trees growing, support wild life and make use of natures bounty before it dies a natural death and goes to waste. The drought last year was hard on the forest and many trees were on there last leg. Look at the forest in Georgia if you want to see the impact. Many pine trees losing there needles.

When a land owner clears cuts an area it becomes prime wildlife habitat as it is born again from the seeds already in the ground that then have a chance to germinate.

So you are looking at the “already” in the ground with the “not yet” – waiting to explode when the rains come followed by the Son/sun which will surely rise. You can bet on it!

So I must conclude tough I didn’t know it when I started – I have long had a “earth ministry” that I began serving in 1994 the year before I was ordained. I suspect God had a plan and set me up while I didn’t even know it was happening.

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