One’s Last Earthly Task and Responsibility is to Demonstrate

Say What?  Sometime I think modern man thinks we have overcome the ultimate ending of life we call death!

I wonder if modern man has we lost the whole concept of life from birth to death?  Do we ever consider that death is the successful ending of life and cannot be avoided.  Think about the end purpose of living is to show the ones we love how to die with dignity and strength.

No one gets to escape the very real experience of passing through deaths doorway!  Yet many spend a life time concocting all kinds of ideas on ways to escape the reality of death.

A life ending in Death was purposely planned by the one who created us.  No exceptions!

And since there are no exceptions where is it we hope to land?  For me, I already know because I have been there once before.  A place where Wonderful peace exists and one is surrounded by angles.  Into the hands of an all merciful and all just God located in a place called heaven!

A 3 year old boy died and yet the doctors continued life saving procedures.  When they finally gave up the boy came back to life.

A few months later the young lad told his mother his sister came and gave him a hug.  Now the mother was speechless.  Finally she asked him again to tell her what happened.  The boy said while I was asleep my sister came and gave me a big hug.  She told me she couldn’t wait until I came to heaven to be with her.

When the mothers husband came home she told something unbelievable happened that given her great hope.  Our son told me his sister came and gave him a big hug and told him she can’t wait until they are reunited in heaven.

We have never told our son of my miscarriage at seven months 3 years before he was born.  He never knew of his tiny sister we buried in a miniature casket!

There is a heaven and I have an older sister who  lived only two weeks.  Boy do we have a lot to talk about!

I am ready!  How about you?

To be continued ……..  unless of course my time is up?

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